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Aamir Khan used second hand clothes in PK!

Aamir Khan is known to go to great lengths to work on the character that he is playing. Be it getting into the rural mode for Lagaan, sporting six-pack abs and a bald pate in Ghajini, and working on his mannerisms to fit in as a college student for 3 Idiots; he always goes that extra mile to get it right.

Aamir Khan used second hand clothes in PK!

For his next film PK, in which he plays an alien, the actor wanted to get the look right. Since the actor plays an alien who wears anything that comes his way (including a skirt), the look couldn’t be too refined. During a brain storming session, director Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir decided that the character PK should be seen wearing worn or old clothes, since they are burrowed/stolen. So instead of sourcing the clothes from a designer, the duo decided to seek help from the aam junta.

So even before the shooting began, the crew of the film was sent on a mission to get clothes. Aamir and Raju too ‘picked up’ clothes from people on the streets or their local crew. When they shot in Rajashtan, they wanted shirts in authentic Rajasthani print. But instead of going to the local market, they requested the locals to give them the clothes that they were wearing. In return, the film’s crew gave them money or a new shirt. The locals were more than happy to help the film’s crew. When the crew displayed the clothes they had managed to collect, Raju and Aamir were extremely pleased with the quirky collection that helped add colour to the character.

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