Bigg Boss 8 babe Sonali Raut’s wardrobe malfunction exposed!

Mumbai: Unlike her supermodel sister Ujjwala Raut who sizzled the ramp with her killer oopmph not just in Mumbai, but also in the fashion capital of the world Paris, Sonali Raut comes across very thanda. Her submissive persona works against her profession that requires fierceness and tremendous zest.But those who have been calling Sonali shy (and dumb) need to take a look at the babe’s ‘expose’ moment that clearly shows the actor’s bold streak.

Bigg Boss 8 babe Sonali Raut’s wardrobe malfunction exposed

This picture reminded us what yesteryear’s bombshell Manadakini did in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. Wearing a flimsy and ahe ahem…wet Sari that reveals more that what it hides, the Bigg Boss 8 contestant raised many eyebrows by showcasing her assets.

Such is the time we live in that our bare-chested heroes can saunter on and off the silver-screen to draw cheers, but when a damsel in distress gives a glimpse of her breasts it creates such a stir! If this is NOT hypocrisy, what is? Meanwhile, Sonali is getting brave with her real life persona inside the Bigg Boss’s house. We hope this bold and beautiful gal finds her space in the house soon and will manage to keep Ali Quli Mirza miles away from herself.