Brazilian president leads among women, older voters

Brasilia, Oct 23 – Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who is to compete in a presidential runoff Sunday, leads among women and older people.

Brazilian president leads among women, older voters

According to a poll released Wednesday, Rousseff, with a supporting rate of 47 percent, is ahead of her rival Aecio Neves, with 43 percent support, although four percent of the electorate remains undeclared and could potentially swing the vote, Xinhua reported.

Among women, Rousseff enjoys 54 percent of the support versus 46 percent for Neves.

She leads among men voters as well with 51 percent of their support, but as the poll has a margin of two percent, the candidates are actually tied.

As many as 55 percent of the voters aged above 45 support Rousseff, while Neves leads among young voters in the 16-24 age bracket with 55 percent support.

Rousseff led in northern and northeastern regions, while Neves takes the lead in midwestern, southeastern and southern regions.