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PK poster: Meet Jagat Janini Anushka Sharma with the transistor

As promised, Anushka Sharma is here with the transistor. Confujiya gaye?? PK lead actress Anushka Sharma, following Aamir’s footsteps makes an appearance with the infamous transistor in a new motion poster of PK, albeit in an over sized khaki uniform.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma with the transistor Introducing Anushka, Aamir tweeted, “Ei dekha….. humaar Jaggu…. tiranjister ke saath…”. Anushka’s character in the film goes by the name of Jagat Janini.

“Confuje ho gaye? Main PK nahin hun. Mera naam hai Jagat Janini. Haan Jagat Janini,” confirms Anushka in the motion poster.

Aamir later joins Anushka in the poster posing from inside the jail, riding pillion, cycling and so on so forth.

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Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan in new PK motion poster

Just before releasing the latest poster, Aamir Khan informed his fans on Twitter ‘bawaal machne wala hai’. Bawaal or no bawaal, we are delighted to finally see Anushka in PK promotions.

Well we may still be ‘cofujed’ about Aamir and Anushka’s roles in the movie and the story of it, we now know for sure that the transistor has a pivotal role.


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