Indian Professional Bloggers and Fake life style

New Delhi, (Indilens Web team): You can’t fool the people all the time. Old wine in a new bottle never works anymore. This is something new to me. Probloggers success comes to an end with this Penguin 3.0 update. If you give high-quality articles you’ll be in the game otherwise you’ll be out of the game and it’s almost impossible to come back. 2014 is the year where people are more knowledgeable in blogging than ever before….

Indian Professional Bloggers and Fake life style

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How to fool newbies – So called Pro Blogger success stories.

  1. Install income meter in the header section of your site that is 468×60 ad unit size.
  2. Post your facebook updates with the dollar symbol $$$$$
  3. Distribute full of errors Blogger Template at free of cost and get backlinks
  4. Post Fake Income Screenshot of PayPal with the help of Photoshop or some image editing software
  5. Post Fake AdSense Report
  6. Post Income report month after month so that you can easily fool your readers and get lot of subscriptions from those guys.
    Important Note : Nobody ask for exact proof. But sometimes sadly so-called probloggers himself involved in trouble. Like showing income from Affiliate Programs list.
    a. There is no affiliate banners in his site that he listed in the income report.
    b. He says he earned that much amount with adsense when there is no adsense ads run on the particular websites from which he earned.
    c. He says he earned that much amount from that company for sponsored reviews where there is no reviews in his site.
    d. He tells he earned that much amount from advertisement from that advertisers where there is no ad manners or links seen in the specific website or blog.Why these lies? better you can take sleeping pills and die.
    It’s not only shame for you by doing this, in-fact you’re doing injustice entire blogging world. Entire blogosphere get embarrassed by your activitiesStop doing this non-sense hereafter.I don’t know, why people are asking how much you’re earning with blogging. If you’re working in a company never ask other employees’ salary, nobody willing to reveal his / her salary in the same way. Hence, it is better, don’t ask others income in-fact this not good.

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