Google receives more than 144,000 ‘right to be forgotten’ requests

Mountain View,(AFP): Google in its latest Transparency report revealed that it received more than 144,000 ‘right to be forgotten’ request since the process began on May 29 in Europe.

Google receives more than 144,000 ‘right to be forgotten’ requests

Those requests themselves encompass 497,507 different webpages. Among the nearly 500,000 page links requested to be taken down, the company has so far removed 170,506 (41.8%) and declined to remove 237,561 (58.2%).

The process that’s kept Google busy stems from a May ruling by the European Union Court of Justice that came to be known as the “right to be forgotten.” As part of the ruling, Europeans can ask Google and other search engines to remove links to search results if they believe that such results contain information that might affect their privacy or that is simply no longer relevant or valid for some reason, CNET reported.

Google criticized the May decision, calling it a “disappointing ruling for search engines and online publishers in general.” But the search giant has been forced to comply, even posting an online form that disgruntled users can fill out to request that certain search result links about themselves be removed.

The process has been a challenging one, forcing Google to not only grapple with a huge number of requests but to determine which ones should be granted, the report said.