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Sridevi Slaps A Legal Notice On Ram Gopal Varma

Mumbai: Seems like Ram Gopal Varma is in no mood to improve. First, he got roped in for portraying vulgar content in his upcoming film ‘Savitri‘ the title of which he changed to ‘Sridevi‘. Of course, it makes one believe that it relates to the stardom of the glamorous actress Sridevi.

Sridevi Slaps A Legal Notice On Ram Gopal Varma

So, as expected, actress Sridevi and her husband Boney Kapoor, miffed with Ram Gopal Varma‘s behavior, slapped him a legal notice.
As per reports, Boney Kapoor also spoke to Ram Gopal Varma before going legal, but Ram Gopal Varma tried very little to solve the serious matter.

What is more suprising is that Ram Gopal Varma took to his blog earlier and said:
“The woman who the men of the entire nation desired was suddenly left all alone in the world till Boney Kapoor stepped in to fill the vaccum.

So straight from her super stardom and magazine covers and her dazzling beauty on the silver screen, I saw her in Boney‘s house serving tea like an ordinary housewife.

I hated Boney Kapoor for bringing that angel from heaven down to being just an ordinary housewife.
I don’t go to Boney‘s house these days because I can’t bear to see Sridevi in a realistic house, in a realistic atmosphere and with realistic people around.

For me she is like a highly precious diamond which should be seen only in beautiful settings or in exotic locations and only in the surroundings of cinematic brilliance.

Sridevi is the most beautiful and the most sexiest woman God ever created and I think he creates such exquisite pieces of art like her only once in a million years.”

The statement only shows the awe Ram Gopal Varma carries for the actress.
But what still remains a question is what made him change the title to someone he awed so much, for a movie that can degrade the reputation of such a star!

The movie posters of Ram Gopal Varma‘s Sridevi is about a teenage boy who lusts an elderly woman, shown through the boy looking curiously at the private parts of the lady.