I want to take Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat: PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: With ten days remaining for Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday kickstarted his campaign for Maharashtra assembly polls from Beed. He began his speech by attacking Congress and NCP, saying that both the parties have ruined the state over the years and now he wants to change things by taking Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat.

I want to take Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat:Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Calling late Gopinath Munde as his colleague and brother in the Beed rally, Modi said that the presence of the massive audience was the result of Gopinath Munde’s hard work and if Munde was alive he would not have needed to come to Beed.

He said, “More than us almighty needed Gopinath Munde, but every child here is Gopinath Munde. Today, I have come here to ask you something. if we have to develop India, we have to save Maharashtra and for that Maharashtra needs a stable BJP government.”

Though Modi did not utter a single word against BJP’s former ally Shiv Sena, he launched an attack on Congress-NCP questioning their contribution for the state in last 15 years. He said, ” For 15 years Congress-NCP were in power, but did any good happen to Maharashtra? What did the state gain and what did the people of Maharashtra has gain? They are not Rashtravadi (nationalist) but Bhrashtacharvadi (corrupt) people.”

He further said, ” Congress thought that by changing the chief minister, things will work. However, the dreams of people weren’t fulfilled. Amitabh Bachchan hosts KBC on television, but Maharashtra leaders were playing Kaun Banega Arabpati.”

Stating that the people gave political stability to the state, he said, “State got a stable government, but it was given to those (Congress-NCP) who were more worried about themselves than the people. Ghadi’ aur ‘Haath’ ka milan aisa tha ki bahut ache se safaayi ki (NCP and Congress colluded in such a way that they took everything).”

He said that NCP and Congress are same and have similar goals, they have the same gotra.

Questioning whether you need leaders who usurp your plots, land money or a government who will work for the people, Modi said ,”It is clear in what direction the wind is blowing. Elect a BJP government with a full majority and see the results. Give me the power that I can take Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat. ”

Asking people whether the BJP’s dream to come in power would come true, he said, ” People ask me about my big vision, This is a land of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shivji Maharaj had no big personalities, no big names, still he fulfilled the dream of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’. I tell them I’m ordinary man,I think small only,and I only think of doing big things for small people. ”

He also said ” Did India’s name ever reverberate in the US before? It did this time and not because of Modi but because of our 125 crore people. After we came to power didn’t petrol, diesel prices come down?”

Towards, the end of his speech, Modi spoke to people about the obstacles the nation is facing and asked them to remember Gopinath Munde saying ,” Let’s vote for BJP and make the lotus bloom.”