RSS worker hurt while making bomb in Vadodara

VADODARA: A resident of Fatehpura area who is an active worker of Sangh Parivar got injured while making a crude bomb here on Friday night as local police reported. The man was identified as Mukesh Raval.

RSS worker hurt while making bomb in Vadodara

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Following the recent rioting in the walled-city area, Raval, who witnessed the rioting during Ganpati festivities, was making a country-made bomb to defend Hindu family as the partially burned man said.

According to the police, one of Raval’s houses was located by the minority dominated area. Raval presumed that his house might be under attack and started collecting material to make a bomb a couple of days ago.But there is clarification yet comes either he is trained or not.

He started collecting gun powder, iron nails and crackers used during Diwali to create the bomb. After making the bomb at his residence at Salatwada, Raval lighted the bomb to test if it was made properly when it exploded prematurely. Raval was rushed to the nearest hospital and survived with minor burn injuries.

More interestingly, no FIR has been lodged yet, said a local police officer.