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Owaisi Clan: The Messiah of Indian Muslims or the Pariah of Indian Politics

New Delhi,Syed Zubair Ahmad,(MM): When I heard about the interview of Asaduddin Owaisi on Aap Ki Adalat by Rajat Sharma I thought, the elder Owaisi will correct the statements of his younger brother Akbaruddin and apologize for his mistakes but it didn’t happen so. When grilled by Rajat Sharma about his stand on Akbaruddins hate speech, the elder Owaisi evaded Rajat Sharma’s sharp question “do you condemn what Owaisi said’? Moreover Asaduddin tried to justify his younger brother’s hate mongering by giving logic.

Owaisi Clan: The Messiah of Indian Muslims or the Pariah of Indian Politics


One can argue that why should Asaduddin apologize while the matter in the court or sub judice, then the same logic can be applied on Modi also.At least he could have said that if some one is hurt by his brother’s statement then he is sorry for that.

My question is “Is the response of hate mongering is hate mongering’? Could the hate mongering of Togadyas be justified by the hate mongering of Owaisis? Is the response of communal politics is a communal politics? Is the response of divisive politics is divisive politics? NO and NEVER.

Last year Akbaruddin was challenging Modi to come to Hyderabad, now Modi has come in a big way.

Can Akbaruddin stop Modi from coming to Hyderabad ?

After the hate speech of Akbaruddin , my friend Shahnawaz who has many Hindu friends, suddenly got into the house of a Hindu friend who was watching the speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi on YouTube and sat beside him. Only Shahnawaz can describe his feelings what happened to him when he watched that Shame Speech of Owaisi with his Hindu friend togather
I have also watched the Shame Speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi. Undoubtedly his speech if full of realities and is based on facts and figures which represented the feelings of a common Muslim but the way of his presentation was highly communal, objectionable and divisive which can be described in the following couplet of Urdu great poet Kaleem Aajiz
Baat chahe be saleeqa ho Kaleem; Baat karne ka saleeqa chahye
The communal speeches of Owaisi couldn’t stop BJP from coming to power rather it helped BJP to consolidate Hindu votes. Yes in this democratic country Owaisi or anyone can target Togadyas and Yogis and give a befitting reply to them but no one has got right to denounce the whole Hindu community save Rama and Sita. We must remember that less than 30% Hindu voted for BJP while 70% Hindus have rejected the BJP in last general elections and the results of recent assembly by polls have pushed the BJP into the corner.
If the communal politics can make Modi a pariah in the Hindu majority India how can Owaisi be an acceptable persona in this Hindu majority country?

Communal politics can bring some fringe dividends for Owaisis and they can get one or two assembly seats outside Hyderabad, which they couldn’t do till now , but they can’t bring a better change for the beleaguered Muslim community which is on the receiving ends by communal and discriminatory politics from more than half century.

Owaisis must know that there are hundreds of much more talented speakers and orators in SDPI and welfare parties who can consolidate Muslim votes in very short span of time but their ideologues don’t believe in short term political benefits and they know it better that a Muslim based political party can’t succeed unless its supported by different communities of Hindus including backwards and Dalits.

It is heared that Asaduddin Owaisi is in contact with SP leader Abu Asim Azmi for the seat adjustment with Samajwadi Party in upcoming Maharashtra assembly elections but the same Owaisi never thought it to suitable to contact other Muslim based parties like SDPI and WPI which have national presence and which are cadre based
Owaisis must come out from their mountainous ego and talk with other Muslim parties if they think for the betterment of entire Muslim community and above their own fiefdom.

If Owaisis want to be acceptable in Indian politics they must shun communal politics, correct their mistakes and apologize publically with an open heart.

Now it’s up to Owaisis whether they become Messiah for Indian Muslims or remain Pariah of Indian politics.

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