Star Wars Actor Rufus Wright Lost His Wedding Ring at Sea, But Someone Found It


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Rufus Wright recently lost his wedding ring while swimming in the sea at a resort in England. The odds of finding a piece of jewelry that has been dropped in the ocean are slim to none. Yet, thanks to a dedicated man with a metal detector, Wright has been reunited with his ring.

Rufus Wright was recently on vacation at a resort near Frinton beach with his wife and son. The actor decided to take a dip in the water. Wright dropped his wedding ring during the swim and, even though the water was shallow, it was seemingly gone. Wright had this to say about what happened.

“As the lockdown started to ease we decided to risk a trip to Frinton beach as it’s a big place and wouldn’t come within two metres of anyone. I decided to go for a swim in the sea and was in two to three feet of water when I dropped the ring. I tried to pick it up but it just disappeared, I was on my hands and knees looking for it for hours. I was heartbroken, it was a 22ct gold ring that I’d had since we got married in 2008. We waited hours for the tide to go out to see if it would be revealed, but it didn’t so I returned heartbroken to London.”

The Star Wars actor’s wife then put out a call on social media to locals who might be able to help track it down, slim as those chances may have been. A man named Adam Ferguson, a lecturer at the Colchester Institute, answered the call. Ferguson had just launched the Clacton Metal Detector Club a month prior and opted to give it a shot. Ferguson had this to say.

“We have only recently set up our club, and we are always happy to try and help people to be reunited with their misplaced items on the beach. I didn’t know Rufus was an actor when I offered to help find it. I said it’d be a million to one shot to find it if it was lost in the sea. “

Amazingly, the 42-year-old man found the ring. Adam Ferguson is said to have found it in sand that was about knee-deep. What’s more, Rufus Wright had offered a &#2548 ($124) reward to anyone who found it. Ferguson donated the money to two charities instead of keeping it for himself. Though Wright did give Ferguson a bottle of champagne. Wright had this to add.

“I hadn’t held up much hope of them finding it. It was a tremendous moment when he told us he had found it, especially in these grim times.”

Rufus Wright most recently starred in the DC Comics series Pennyworth. Some of his other credits include the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, Assassin’s Creed and the TV series EastEnders. This news comes to us via the Clacton Gazette.

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