Sword & Shield: Key Old Pokémon Missing From The Isle Of Armor DLC


Game Freak began Pokémon Sword and Shield’s staggered, partial recovery from the infamous “Dexit” controversy with the return of 100 old Pokémon in the Isle of Armor expansion. These returning Pokémon bring plenty of fan-favorites back to Sword and Shield, but there are some notable creatures still left out for Game Freak to add in The Crown Tundra DLC.

The Isle of Armor’s 100 returning old Pokémon are part of 200 being added back across Sword and Shield’s expansion pass. Players can now find beloved favorites like Luxray, Volcarona, Heracross, Scizor and more via the DLC’s Wild Area-like exploration zone, and players who don’t want to buy the DLC can instead transfer these Pokémon over from older games, free of charge. This helps alleviate some of the damage dealt by the loss of a National Pokédex, but Dexit was a hard blow to fans that won’t likely be forgotten.

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The sadness and disappointment of Pokémon’s community was so palpable that one artist, Reddit user jamiedrummond, took on the task of illustrating “One culled Pokémon family every day until Dexit is reversed,” mourning their own losses with tears and hugs. With the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass’ reveal, jamiedrummond ended the project, as promised. But as of The Isle of Armor’s launch, plenty of creatures are still unaccounted for.

The following groups of Pokémon could be added in The Crown Tundra, but they have so far not appeared in any materials related to that second DLC pack, according to Serebii.net. With that in mind, here are The Isle of Armor’s key missing Pokémon, illustrated by jamiedrummond’s sorrowful renderings.

Dratini, Dragonair, & Dragonite Family

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit

Generation 1’s original Dragon-type Pokémon, Dragonite and its pre-evolutions likely hold a special place in longtime fans’ hearts. As such, it’s odd this goofy, antenna’d creature hasn’t made yet it to Sword and Shield. In hindsight, though, many believe Dragonite’s design to be a bit of a misstep after the simple-yet-cool Dragonair, so it’s possible that’s why Game Freak isn’t prioritizing this Red and Blue trio.

Mareep, Flaaffy, & Ampharos Family

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit

Ampharos’ Electric-type moves played a key role in many Gold and Silver players’ teams, but it seems Game Freak thought there was only room for one sheep-inspired Pokémon in Sword and Shield’s England-inspried Galar region. With the adorable Wooloo becoming an early Gen 8 favorite, Mareep was left behind, and it’s doubtful it’ll make a comeback.

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Gen 2-6 Starter Families

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit

Starter Pokémon have seldom been catchable in the wild, but Sword and Shield mark one of the first modern mainline entries where players haven’t been able to transfer them over from previous games. Starters often rank among players’ all-time favorites, with designs like Typhlosion, Sceptile, Empoleon, and Greninja earning tons of praise. These seem like a more plausible addition in The Crown Tundra, especially since the DLC will already let players catch powerful Legendary Pokémon through special Raid events.

Gen 1-7 Fossil Families

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit

Sword and Shield’s mashed-up fossils are far from the series’ best fossil Pokémon designs, so it’s a shame previous generations’ can’t be obtained. Omastar, in particular, is beloved for its heavily memed role in the famous “Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version” livestream.

Mega Evolutions

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit

Finally, perhaps the biggest remaining omission from Sword and Shield’s roster is not a group of Pokémon but a group of Pokémon forms: the 48 temporary Mega Evolutions. These are also rather likely to be added in The Crown Tundra, as the fact that Megas are coming to Pokémon GO shows the company hasn’t forgotten about them.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor expansion released for Nintendo Switch on June 17, 2020.

Image Source: jamiedrummond/Reddit