‘The Invisible Man’ is at the Top of the Box Office Again


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First thing’s first: the box office as we know it doesn’t really exist right now, since the majority of movie theaters are still shut down. However, some films are playing out there, and as a result, The Invisible Man – a movie that opened in February, and is already on digital and Blu-ray – ended up at the top of the box office yet again. So congrats to Elisabeth Moss, our new box office queen.

Deadline says that The Invisible Man box office numbers have put it at #1 for the second time in its sixteenth weekend. They also have some facts and figures to clue us into the state of things:

Of the top 105 grossing theaters in the country, 102 of them were drive-ins, with the Palladium 19 & Imax in San Antonio the top-grossing hard-top, ranking No. 95 making only $12K. The top-five grossing theaters from last weekend were Cine-Parc drive-in Saint-Eustache, Canada ($168K), Ford Wyoming Drive-in in Dearborn, MI ($136K), the Cine-Parc Mont-Saint-Hilaire Drive-in in Quebec ($85K), the Sacramento 6 Drive-in ($77K), and the Mission Tikki 4 drive-in in Montclair, CA ($67K). The numbers just go down from there.

Bottom-line: drive-ins are hot again. And here’s Deadline’s breakdown of the current top 11 movies:

1. The Invisible Man (Uni/Blumhouse) 147 (+26) theaters, 3-day: $383K (+37%), cume $67.8M/Wk 16

2. Trolls World Tour (Uni) 248 (+51) theaters 3-day: $275,700 (-9%), cume: $3.6M/Wk 10

3. Back to the Future (Uni) 91 theaters, 3-day: $263,200/Running lifetime cume: $211.4M/Wk 1 of 2020 reissue

4. The Hunt (Uni) 83 (+19) theaters, 3-day: $227,800 (+21%), cume: $8.1M/Wk 14

5. Jumanji: The Next Level(Sony) 92 theaters (+24) 3-day: $212,700 (+26%), cume: $323M/Wk 27

6. E.T.(Uni) 78 theaters, 3-day: $195K/lifetime cume: $435.3M/Wk 1 of 2020 reissue

7. Becky(Quiver) 50 theaters (+5), 3-day: $187,600 (-9%), cume: $482,6K /wk 2

8. Infamous (Vertical) 54 theaters, 3-day: $160,300/Wk 1

9. Jurassic Park (Uni) 132 theaters, 3-day: $158,700,lifetime cume: $403M /wk 1 of 2020 reissue

10. The Goonies (WB) 136 theaters (+70) 3-day: $154,700 (+39%), lifetime cume: $62.7M/Wk 2 of 2020 reissue

11. The Wretched(IFC)  99 theaters (-), 3-day: $148,400 (-25%), cume: $1.37M/Wk 7

It’s pretty impressive that four of those films have Steven Spielberg’s name attached to them – Back to the FutureE.T.Jurassic Park, and The Goonies. It seems the lack of new releases has been a genuine boon for Spielberg.

The Invisible Man originally opened on February 28, where it was met with positive reviews – here’s mine – and even more positive box office numbers. So far it’s raked in at least $129.4 million on a $7 million. As the coronavirus started shutting theaters down, Universal made the decision to release The Invisible Man onto VOD.

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