Both PS5 Editions Shown Sitting Horizontally In New Picture


After almost a week of only seeing Sony’s new piece of hardware standing upright, a new image from Amazon shows both variations of the upcoming PS5 sitting horizontally. The internet has been on pins and needles since the PS5 reveal on June 11th, with everyone clambering over even seemingly small details like this in anticipation for the new flagship console.

The gaming community is undoubtedly excited for the next-gen entry, and while Sony has unveiled a number of games coming to the console, there are precious few details about the PS5 itself. Among those revealed is the size of the console in relation to past PlayStations, near full backwards compatibility with the PS4 game library, as well as the reveal that there will be two versions of the console. However, beyond all the tech specs, one of the burning questions on the internet has been a simple one: what does the PlayStation 5 look like horizontally?

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The image featuring both versions of the PS5 came from the EU branch of Amazon (via Reddit). Featured prominently below the consoles is the tagline for the PS5, “Play Has No Limits,” and the vague release period of Holiday 2020. The edition with the disk drive has it on the lower half of the console which seems to balance out the asymmetric variation, and while both versions look to have a stand underneath them, it looks like it could be the same stand that the console sits on when upright.

Jokes about the PlayStation 5’s appearance have been all over the internet since the initial reveal, most of them likening the next-gen console to an internet router or even a duck’s bill. Seeing the console on its side has been comforting for some fans who were worried about how the sleek looking console would fit in their current gaming setups, with many of them claiming to prefer the version equipped with a disk drive either for the form or for being “nostalgic for physical media.”

There are still plenty of mysteries about Sony’s new console, the biggest of which being how much the console actually costs. There are rumors that the digital edition will be slightly cheaper than the disk-drived edition, but so far there’s only speculation. Despite several conventions being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, excitement for the PS5 and dozens of new games on the horizon makes this year’s E3 season feel almost normal.

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Source: Amazon, Reddit