The reasons behind Delhi’s growing coronavirus crisis


The capital city of India, New Delhi, seems to be heading towards becoming the coronavirus capital as well, as many people are saying. The number of cases in Delhi is much less than in Mumbai, but the rate of growth in this city has been high, given that the early number of cases was much lower. What exactly is happening in Delhi? What has caused the sudden increase in cases? What is the medical response? How is the infrastructure prepared to cope with it?

We speak with Arvind Kumar, chairperson of the Centre for Chest Surgery and Lung Transplantation at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, and founder of the Lung Care Foundation.

Edited excerpts:

As someone on the frontlines of this battle, why do you think the number of cases is increasing? What do you see, from your patients, in terms of the changing symptoms that might give you some clues?
I think one of the main reasons why the numbers are increasing is that people have developed a feeling that everything is good, and that the crisis period is over. I see – including in my colony and elsewhere, when I drive to the hospital – as much…

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