NBA Players Reportedly Get To See Marvel's Black Widow Early


NBA players will reportedly get to see Black Widow and other Disney movies that haven’t been released as part of the NBA’s new plan to play at Disney World. Both the NBA and Marvel movie Black Widow have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA stopped playing in March, with virtually every other sports organization following suit. Meanwhile, Black Widow, originally scheduled for a May 1 release, was one of countless movies delayed. It’s currently set for November 6, which will hopefully give Marvel fans enough time to visit movie theaters with confidence.

With the delay of Black Widow and other films, as well as the closure of theme parks and cruise lines, Disney has been in a tough spot during the pandemic. It’s likely part of the reason why they’ve reached a deal with the NBA to finish the 2019-2020 season at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World. The two first started negotiations last month, with the NBA owners approving the plan just a couple weeks later. Players will have to remain in the Disney World area throughout the rest of the season, which is expected to start July 31. They’ll also stay at the Disney World Resorts.

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Now, it seems players and their families will enjoy added amenities during their time at Disney World. According to reporter Keith Smith, they’ll reportedly have access to Disney movies, which “is likely to include movies that have not been released to the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.” This is quite the perk for players and their families, especially considering the backlog of unreleased Disney films right now.

Though it sounds like the unreleased movies aren’t a guarantee yet, “likely” is a pretty strong word. It also makes sense, as Disney is probably looking to give NBA players and their families the best Disney experience possible. This would include added perks that your average Disney guest wouldn’t receive. In addition to Black Widow, it seems likely unreleased films could include Mulan or Jungle Cruise, which were also both delayed. As of now, Mulan is set for July 24, putting it before the start of the NBA season. However, there’s a chance that will change, potentially making it one of Disney’s unreleased options for players.

The NBA/Disney World agreement feels like a slam dunk for all involved. Not only will it bring attention to Disney World the same month it reopens to the public, it will also give the NBA a safe place to continue its season. Though players are probably most excited to get back to work, the added amenities Disney’s throwing in can’t hurt, especially when one of them is Black Widow.

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Source: Keith Smith