Facebook updates: Voting Information Center & new options for Parenting Groups


Voting Information Center

Ahead of the US elections, Facebook is trying to keep voters informed. On the domestic front, they are trying to make parenting conversations easier.

With US Elections coming up in the next few months, Facebook is trying to make the platforms under the company more transparent for political communication. They are adding transparency to political ads with badges that makes it easier to identify communication that has been paid for to get extended reach. The company is also pushing for voters to be more aware of their rights and options. To this extent, Facebook has launched a Voting Information Center. On the domestic end of the spectrum, the platform is trying to make it easier for parents to use Groups to form communities.

Voting Information Center

Facebook is building a Voting Information Center to provide voters with accurate information about voting as well as tools to register with ease. This is being done ahead of the upcoming US Elections. Facebook and Instagram and Messenger platforms will be used to push efforts in this direction.

The Voting Information Center will include posts from verified local election authorities with announcements and changes to the voting process. People can also choose to receive notifications for these alerts. Voters will be guided through the registration process and given information about the absentee ballot (vote by mail) as well as links to help people prepare for the Election Day.

Over the next few weeks, Facebook will roll out the option for US users to turn off all social issues, electoral and/or political ads from candidates and other organisations that have the ‘Paid for by’ political disclaimer on them. There are plans to make this option available to users in other countries over the next months. They are also taking steps to ensure more transparency around political ads.

Parenting Groups

For Facebook Groups that have created under the Parenting category as a forum for parents to discuss their issues, apprehensions and triumphs, the platform has launched a few options. These updates are meant to make parents feel more comfortable when speaking about their personal journey, easily identify content that’s important to them and seek or share advice.

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Anonymous Post: Parents will now be able to post in a group without revealing their identity. This feature is expected to facilitate conversations around financial constraints/concerns or dealing with the loss of a child. It is hoped that the feature would help safe conversations around sensitive topics that are difficult to talk about when the person is identifiable.

Badging: With the help of badges that can be added to a post in the drafting stage, parents can identify themselves according to the stage in the parenting journey they are in. Options include ‘New Parent’ and ‘Expecting Parent’. This makes it easier for other group members to understand the context of communication being put forth and respond accordingly.

Mentorship: The admins of Parenting groups will now have the option to choose and create online mentoring programs that other members can sign up for. This will lead to mentor/mentee pairs who can then go forth to discuss important topics and support each other through rough patches.

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