SHAMAN KING is Getting a New Anime


When I was a kid, I remember watching the anime Shaman King and it was awesome. I never got to finish it sadly, but eventually the show ended. Unfortunately, the manga hadn’t finished, so the anime provided a non-canonical ending. Well, it looks like Hiroyuki Takei has decided that it’s time to give the anime the revival treatment as a new anime has been announced to release in April 2021.

The new Shaman King anime will adapt all 35 volumes of the manga and fans should be excited. This idea of revisiting anime is not new either. Fruits Basket and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood have both seen wide praise for their revivals that are more accurate to the manga they’re based on. I wonder what options there are going to be for streaming the show outside of Japan, and I hope 4Kids isn’t involved again.

Via: Crunchyroll