Cool STAR WARS Fan Film ORDER 66 Features a Jedi Knight Fighting for His Life



I’ve got a really cool Star Wars fan film that you’re gonna want to check out! It’s titled Order 66, and it centers on a Jedi Knight named Nim Rosaan fighting for his life as the group of clones he’s with turn on him.

Here’s the synopsis that was shared with the short film:

As the Outer Rim sieges come to an end, Jedi Knight Nim Rosaan and a small group of clones are called back to Coruscant, returning from a brief scout of the farming world ‘Lah’mu’. As they approach the LAAT, the clones receive new orders.

The short is a CGI animated movie that was made in Unreal Engine 4. The short was created by Cinematic Captures, who you can support on Patreon if you want. I also included a “making of” video for you to check out.