Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald's Reasoning Behind Freezing Her Eggs


Season 2 of Selling Sunset featured the beautiful wedding of Mary Fitzgerald and her fiancé Romain Bonnet. In the first season, we see this couple arguing over their future kid(s) and home. Although both were on a different pages, the lovely couple decided to tie the knot. Now, it looks like the newlyweds have finally talked about their future family and ready to reveal it to their fans. Recently, Mary said that the baby plans are on hold for now as she and Romain are focusing on another important thing.

In season one, we saw 26-year-old Romain was reluctant to have a child in the near future – he says he will be happy to be a father five or ten years down the line but not before that. For Mary, this didn’t seem like a viable option as she was already 39 years old. After that incident, we don’t see the couple discussing this issue again or resolving it. Eventually, they got married in October last year at one of Mary’s listings in Los Angeles. Many viewers assumed that they might have found a middle ground regarding their future baby. However, it looks like they have not talked about it at all. 

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While talking to The Sun in an interview, the Selling Sunset star revealed that she would have children with her husband but not anytime soon. Romain added, “We haven’t really talked so far about starting a family, as we are both really focused on our professional careers and push each other to be and do our best.” But, to be on the safe side, the realtor has decided to freeze her eggs in case she would want to grow her family in the future. She said, “I’m going to freeze my eggs just in case we want to start a family, but we are far too busy and focused on our careers to prioritize this at the moment.”

Well, it looks like viewers will not watch the baby announcement in season 3 or season 4 (if that happens). The couple is taking their sweet time enjoying each other’s company while building their business of flipping homes. Interestingly, another Selling Sunset star, Heather’s boyfriend, Tarek, is into the same market. He started as a realtor and then began flipping homes with his (now) ex-wife. 

A few days back, Romain confirmed that he has quit his job as a pastry chef and is now working as a project manager for real estate projects. While elaborating on the future business plans, Romain said, “We do plan on getting a house soon and start flipping. Between Mary as a realtor and me a project manager, we are the perfect team to make this happen.” Wow, that’s a power couple move! Mary and Romain are focussed on developing their own brand and looks like the baby will have to wait for a while. Mary already has a 21-year-old kid, Austin, from her very first relationship. So, she might not be in any rush to become a mother again. 

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Selling Sunset season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: The Sun