Green Lantern & Green Arrow's Best Story is Free From DC Comics


DC Comics is offering fans one of Green Lantern and Green Arrow‘s most iconic comic books for free, in honor of legendary writer/editor Dennis “Denny” O’Neil, who passed away on June 11th in his New York home at age 81.

Green Lantern #76 – “No Evil Shall Escape My Sight!” was a landmark in the comic industry, serving as the launching pad for DC’s Hard Traveling Heroes arc from O’Neil and fellow comic book legend, artist Neal Adams. The 1970 story followed ideologically opposed Hal Jordan’s conservative Green Lantern, and Oliver Queen’s liberal-leaning Green Arrow traveling across the country in an attempt to discover the “real America.” Along their journey, the pair grapple with the struggles and plight of the poor, oppressed minorities, and other marginalized groups throughout the nation. Struggles, they learn along their travels, that can’t necessarily be punched with power rings, or taken down by arrows.

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The book is currently available for download through a wide range of outlets, including, Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iBooks, and the DC Universe streaming service. Fans will have free access to the book through Tuesday, June 23. “O’Neil’s insightful storytelling and Adams’ unforgettable art in Green Lantern #76 has endured for decades as an example of what many people now are referring to as ‘woke’ culture,” DC said when announcing the download’s availability.

Following his death, the comics industry showed an outpouring of support and tributes for O’Neil. Former DC Comics President Paul Levitz said on Facebook that O’Neil, “brought social conscience to comics,” and, “he was a philosopher, searching for ways to make the world better.” DC’s current Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, Jim Lee took to twitter to exalt O’Neil as his favorite Green Lantern writer of all time.

Whether it’s someone’s first time reading or their hundredth revisit, the book may be more relevant today than it has been since the day it was penned. Not only does it explore the hidden injustices suffered by many groups in America with no voice to speak up for themselves, it also proves that political divisiveness can be overcome to make for a better world. The country could do well to follow the lead of Green Lantern/Green Arrow. And that starts with reading it.

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