John Cleese Talks Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Time Warp Exclusive Clip


The third and final installment of the pop culture documentary series Time Warp is coming to digital and On Demand starting June 23. Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time – Vol. 3: Comedy and Camp will bring this fan-favorite series to a close with a big bang of iconic laughs and some of the most shockingly funny moments ever committed to film. Today, we have a look at the climax to this expansive 3-part docuseries with an exclusive clip featuring legendary comedic actor John Cleese, who takes fans behind-the-scenes of Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Released in 1975, Monty Python and The Holy Grail is considered by some to be the literal Holy Grail of comedy, so it’s exciting to hear John Cleese open up about his experiences making the movie. He praises his co-stars and co-directors of this comedy classic, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, but doesn’t speak very highly of himself or his other Monty Python mate Eric Idle.

“By the time we started it, we thought we had some really funny material. And also, the two Terrys who directed it together, they’ve got tremendous energy. And dedication. Where Eric and I are lazy bastards who get away with as little as we can.”

As we learn in the clip, Monty Python and The Holy Grail was funded by three rock bands. And they are pretty iconic in their own right. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis were all super fans who put up the money to get this cult classic made. Simply because they wanted to see it play on the big screen. No other reason. John Cleese goes onto say this about rock bands funding the movie.

“Someone discovered that the British government had just bordered some legislation to encourage British filmmaking. Which was basically kind of a tax dodge.”

Our exclusive clip comes directly from Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time – Vol. 3: Comedy and Camp, which will have its On Demand and Digital debut next week. The movie is hosted by Joe Dante, John Waters, Ileana Douglas and Kevin Pollak. This time around, we’ll get to here interviews from a cast that includes Gina Gershon, John Cleese, Ron Livingston, Jim Gaffigan, Fred Willard, Jon Heder, David Cross, Mary Woronov, Michael McKean, Kevin Smith, Amy Heckerling, Mike Judge, Peter Farrelly, and John Cameron Mitchell.

The final volume of Time Warp digs deep into what makes us laugh over and over again as we reveal the greatest cult comedies and campy classics of all-time. From Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Office Space to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Showgirls.”

This final installment is bringing 128 minutes of entertainment to fans of comedy classics across the streaming world. Time Warp Volume 1 arrived in April and covered the Midnight Madness movies of the past handful of decades. From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Big Lebowski and everything in between, this fascinating deep-dive documentary begins its celebration of the greatest cult movies of all-time discussing the birth of the midnight movie. Vol. 2 covered Horror and Sci-Fi. The greatest cult horror and science fiction films of all-time are studied in vivid detail in the second volume of Time Warp. Includes groundbreaking classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and sci-fi gems such as Blade Runner and A Clockwork Orange. Both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are available now.

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