‘Where’s the money gone?’ Allan Border shocked by Cricket Australia's financial crisis


Sacked CEO Kevin Roberts alone is not responsible for Cricket Australia’s financial woes and culpability of the Board also needs to be fixed, said former Australia captain Allan Border.

Roberts resigned on Tuesday and was replaced by T20 World Cup chief executive Nick Hockley in an interim role amid the financial crisis the body is facing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Border was flabbergasted how Cricket Australia got to the situation where it had to stand down around 80% of its staff, saying that the sword should not fall on just one head.

“You can’t just lump it all on Kevin Roberts. Surely there’s other people, particularly the directors of the Australian cricket board. Where’s their culpability in all of this?,” the former Australian skipper told Fox Sports News.

“It was only a couple of years ago we had a couple hundred million dollars in the bank, then all of a sudden we’re broke by August this year?”

The former batsman said he just couldn’t understand how the governing body reached this stage.

“I just can’t quite work it out. We’re in off-season as a sport, and all of a sudden we’re losing money hand over fist from a very strong position just a couple of years ago. I…

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