Adventure Time: First 4 Minutes of BMO Special Released Online


This summer, HBO Max will be debuting special episodes of Adventure Time on their service, under the title Adventure Time: Distant Landsand the beginning of the first episode has been released online. As a result, fans will get the chance to return to the world they fell in love with when Adventure Time first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010.

EW revealed a clip of the first four minutes of HBO Max’s first Adventure Time special, “BMO,” which features the titular sentient video game device as they are flying through space on their way to grow some potatoes on Mars. However, antics ensue, and BMO is kidnapped by an alien in order to help save the inhabitants of a very distant land. BMO (pronounced Beemo) is abbreviated from “Be More” and was a main character in the original series and was very protective of their friends and protagonists, Finn and Jake.

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“BMO” will be the first Adventure Time: Distant Lands special to hit HBO Max this summer, and will do so on June 25. The second episode of the series, “Obsidian” will focus on characters Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, which will premiere later this year, and the third, titled “Wizard City” will follow Peppermint Butler. The final episode in this series will be titled “Together Again” and will feature the bringing together once more of beloved characters Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they “embark on the most important quest of their lives.”

For fans of the original series, which is also available to stream on HBO Max, Adventure Time: Distant Lands will be a must watch and in less than a month, they will be able to find just what antics BMO finds themselves in this time.

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Source: HBO Max