Justice League Snyder Cut May Explore Dick Grayson Robin's Death


More may be revealed about the death of the DC Extended Universe’s Robin, Dick Grayson, in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Although Robin has not appeared in the DCEU, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans see his suit. Robin’s armor is covered in graffiti that reads, “Hahaha joke’s on you Batman.” The moment led to speculation that this version of Robin was murdered by the Joker.

At first, it was unclear which version of Robin from the comics the film was referring to. Given how Robin is infamously beaten and blown up by the Joker in “A Death in the Family,” many naturally assumed the DCEU’s Robin was Jason Todd. However, it was eventually revealed that Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd was killed by the Joker in Snyder’s vision for the characters. In the comics, Dick Grayson takes on the mantel of Robin before eventually becoming Nightwing and in many ways, Batman’s successor.

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Dick Grayson’s death is very much uncharted territory and something fans want to know more about. Snyder was asked on Vero (via Heroic Hollywood) whether his version of Justice League will explore Dick Grayson’s death. Specifically, a fan asked, “did you have plans to dive deeper into the background of Dick’s death in your future movies? Maybe JL?” Snyder responded, “a hint in JL,” suggesting the Snyder Cut of Justice League may explore the topic.

Once a rumor, now a reality, Snyder’s Justice League will be coming to HBO Max in 2021. The original post-production crew is reuniting to complete the score, dialogue, and visual effects on Snyder’s rough cut from 2017. Snyder had originally envisioned a Justice League that was much longer than the theatrical release. Thanks in large part to viral demand for the Snyder Cut, the director can now realize his vision as either one 4-hour film or multiple TV episodes.

When Joss Whedon took over for Snyder in 2017, it had a dramatic effect on the DCEU. Whedon’s final product left much to be desired; his Justice League didn’t feel like a faithful part of Snyder’s planned arc. At this point, the DCEU feels largely dissembled, with films like The Batman and Black Adam shaping up to be spiritual resets. Before the announcement of Snyder’s Justice League, the Robin Easter egg from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seemed like a moot point. Any plans Snyder had for Carrie Kelley’s Robin or a Nightwing movie appeared to have been scrapped. But, even if Dick Grayson doesn’t have a future beyond Snyder’s Justice League, hopefully fans will learn more about his demise.

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Source: Zack Snyder (via Heroic Hollywood)