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The long awaited “big bad” from The Walking Dead graphic novel series smashed his way into the series a few years ago and has been disturbing and delighting fans ever since. Maybe it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s cocky swagger, or maybe it’s his ability to be terrifying one minute and belly-laugh-hilarious the next, but Negan is the villain that first you loved to hate, and now you hate to love.

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Whether he is acting as the leader of the Saviors, antagonizing Father Gabriel about his love life, or infiltrating the Whisperers, he always has a clever quip ready to go. Negan made his unforgettable premiere in the show’s season 6 finale and when he’s not bashing in heads, he’s probably working on his next wisecrack. Here are 15 of his funniest quotes in the show.

15 “Hot Diggety Dog!”

“Hot diggety dog! This place is magnificent!”

There’s just something laughably sinister about a brutal murderer that says dorky things like “hot diggety dog” with a big grin on his face, and that’s what makes his character so unforgettable! Negan’s exclamation, combined with a dramatic pan-out on the camera, makes his threatening entrance anything but as he waltzes in to Alexandria with his Saviors to collect what he believes is rightfully his – half of their stuff.

14  “I Hope You Got Your Sh*ttin’ Pants On”

“I hope you got your sh*****’ pants on. – Negan

What? – Father Gabriel

Your sh*****’ pants. I hope you’re wearing them right now… ’cause you… are about to sh*t your pants.” – Negan

Even when you’re trapped in a room surrounded by a zombie horde, potty humor is still at least a little bit funny – at least that seems to be Negan’s view on things. An expert at making ridiculous sentences sound threatening, this line is no different in season 8 episode 5 “The Big Scary U”. Negan’s low, gravelly voice talking about underwear options as he emerges from the darkness is equal parts comical and spine-chilling.

13 “I Wear A Leather Jacket, I Have Lucille, And My N**sack Is Made Of Steel.”

“I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my n**sack is made of steel. I am not dying until I am damn good and ready.”

Does he really need to remind anybody? After Negan is presumed dead, the Saviors run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

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Negan resurfaces just in time before everything falls apart entirely and gives his little speech reminding everybody who’s boss in his usual Negan sort of way. Because why pass up a perfectly good opportunity to talk about the sturdiness of the boys downstairs when you’ve got an audience?

12 “A Little Freaky Deaky”

“I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little freaky deaky.”

Life in the zombie apocalypse is a stressful place! Some days, scavenging for supplies, taking over towns, and wasting zombies just loses its charm. When one of Negan’s minions find a camcorder hidden away in Alexandria, the gleeful big bad hopes it’s something a little more spicy than your average home video. It isn’t exactly a dirty movie, but with his guys ransacking the place, he’s bound to find something somewhere.

11 “Ho-ly Crap! You Are Creepy As Sh*t!”

“Ho-ly crap! You are creepy as sh*t sneaking up on me, wearing that collar with that freaky a** smile. – Negan

…my apologies.” – Father Gabriel

Easily one of the most laugh out loud moments is Negan’s introduction to Father Gabriel Stokes. Can you really blame him? Far from a fan favorite, the cowardly priest turned desperate-but-ineffective hero could take some charm lessons from Negan himself when he pops up out of nowhere like a bad jump scare. And we’ve got to side with Negan here – that awkward smile is pretty creepy.

10 “It’s Gonna Be Pee-Pee Pants City”

“P*ssing our pants yet? It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.”

What an introduction! This is Negan’s first ever line of the series and boy, does it hit home!

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Like most of his memorable one-liners, the wording is so playfully juvenile that it leaves you wondering whether you should laugh or cry. Negan steps out with his signature leather jacket and his trusty sidekick – a bat covered in barbed wire that he lovingly refers to as Lucille – and the audience can just feel that this guy is bad news.

9 “Is That You Rick? Under All That Man Bush?”

“Is that you, Rick? Underneath all that man bush? Sh*t, I would not have messed with that guy. But that’s not you anymore. Is it?”

Negan is the king of backhanded compliments and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s jovial deliveries never fall flat. Negan really knows how to kick a guy when he’s down, and his favorite victim is Rick Grimes. When he finds Rick’s recording while the Saviors plunder the neighborhood, he takes one look at Rick’s unkempt apocalypse beard, and with his usually colorful language, tells him just how cool it makes it him look.

8 “I Am About 50% More Into You Now.”

“I am about 50 percent more into you now…just sayin’.”

Negan is a little “freaky deaky” himself. Olivia dissolves into sobs after Negan makes a joke about her weight. In typical Negan fashion, he apologizes to her for his rudeness and then suggests that they have some fun in the bedroom if she’s “agreeable” to it. Olivia responds to his offer by slapping him in the face. Instead of shooting her on the spot, Negan looks more amused than anything and lets her know he’s into that sort of thing.

7 “Oh, You Better Be Joking!”

“Umm, who are you? — Spencer

Oh, you better be joking? Negan…Lucille…I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression” — Negan

If there’s one person that you should recognize, it’s your new boss. Especially after he’s already bludgeoned some of your friends with the bat he’s holding. Apparently, Spencer missed the memo.

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The smug son of the former leader of Alexandria is as predictable as a knock-knock joke, and when Negan and the Saviors come knocking at the gates, he asks who’s there. Negan takes the mix-up in stride, all laughs and smiles while probably picturing just how he’s going to kill him later.

6 “Did You Pick That Gun Because It Looks Cool?”

“You are adorable. Did you pick that gun because it makes you look cool? You totally did!”

If there’s one thing Negan respects, it’s guts, and Carl Grimes has it in spades. Negan can’t hide the genuine admiration he has for the kid when he finds himself on the business end of a gun almost as big as the lanky teen himself. The funniest thing about this moment is the way he grabs one of his henchman and slowly shifts the man in front of him like a human shield. Negan may be confident, but he’s not stupid.

5 “She’s Clearly A Three”

“I’m gonna say she’s a seven? What? Isn’t this the kind of stuff you and the Saviors used to do to kill time? – Brandon

I can’t say that I remember rating walkers on hotness…besides she’s clearly a three.” – Negan

After his “escape” from his cell in Alexandria, Negan finds himself with an ex-Savior shadow by the name of Brandon. Eager to make a good impression on his chosen leader, Brandon spends their travels together talking up their old way of life and desperately seeking Negan’s approval. While somewhat flattered, Negan seems to be more weirded out by the kid than anything else, but being Negan, he at least still plays along with his walker-rating game.

4 “Father…Not The Father”

“You know, we’re all grown ups here. And none of us would ever let that ruin the longstanding friendships and mutual respect we have. – Father Gabriel

You know what you’re right. That is a very mature attitude, Father…not the father.” – Negan

Negan spends a lot of years in that lonely, Alexandria jail cell with Father Gabriel serving as his jailer slash part-time therapist, and seems to utterly delight in pushing the quiet man’s buttons.

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Rosita’s accidental pregnancy gives him a lot of ammo. “Gabe, your girl’s doc is also your girl’s baby daddy […] do you ever wonder what the hell is going on in there when she has her appointments?” Gabriel gives a speech straight out of a PBS Kids special about friendship and respect, but Negan gets the last word with “Father-not-the-father”.

3 “I Can’t Help But Notice You Didn’t Answer That Question”

“Wait, wait. This isn’t some sort of a praying mantis situation, is it? Cut off my head afterwards? … I’m sorry. I can’t help but notice you didn’t say no to that.”

Alpha leads Negan out to the middle of the forest and commands him to strip. Clearly thinking that she intends to kill him, Negan shows a rare moment of weakness, but gets the surprise of his life when he turns around to see Alpha naked except for her skin mask. After all that time alone in jail, Negan is more than a little intrigued by the offer, because “it’s been a while”. It takes some serious wit to go from terrified, to making jokes about your own death in a matter of seconds.

2 “I Never Know Exactly Which Eye I’m Supposed To Look At”

“I’m sorry, I never know exactly which eye I’m supposed to look at, it’s a little bit distracting.”

Prison may have softened Negan. He spends his days in the jail cell helping Judith with her homework, listening to Alexandria gossip, and doling out questionable “life lessons”,  but lines like this prove that he’s still the same old Negan…at least when it comes to his sense of humor. Negan can’t stop himself from finding entertainment wherever he can, and most of the time, that comes in the form of bullying Father Gabriel when the priest tries to push an unwanted therapy session on the bored prisoner.

1 “Is This A Beta With Benefits Situation?”

“How long have you and the boss lady been together? Is this a ‘Beta with benefits’ situation? You slide her a little Omega on the side?” 

How does such a loudmouth fit into a group called The Whisperer’s? Negan might work his way into Alpha’s good graces easily enough, but Beta is a tougher nut to crack, and it doesn’t help when the hilariously crass antagonist says things like this to the loyal second-in-command. Beta whirls around on him to let him him know that he is expected to show respect to the Alpha, which Negan readily agrees to…until he goes on to talk about how her bald head makes him “tight in the britches”.

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