Delhi government withdraws order to turn nursing homes into coronavirus facilities


The Delhi government on Sunday withdrew its order to turn all nursing homes with a capacity of 10 to 49 beds into coronavirus care facilities, just a day after issuing it, PTI reported. The government’s decision came after the Delhi Medical Association wrote to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and expressed concern that other patients would suffer because of the order.

“The competent authority has directed that order by medical superintendent nursing homes to keepers of all nursing homes having bed strength between 10 beds to 49 beds declaring them as Covid nursing homes has been withdrawn with immediate effect,” the Delhi government said in an order issued on Sunday, according to Hindustan Times.

Medical experts argued that the order would put a huge strain on nursing homes, which primarily cater to local neighbourhoods and work with minimum staff strength. They also warned that the move could lead to the spread of infection in areas where the nursing homes are situated.

“Most of these hospitals are non-Covid hospitals located in residential areas,” Dr Naresh Chawla, former president of Delhi Medical Association, told Hindustan Times. “The move could have led to spread of disease in the particular colony where the facility was located,…

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