George Floyd murder: Black protestor carries wounded white man to safety at London demonstration

A photo of a black man carrying an injured white man on his shoulder during a protest between anti-racist and far-right demonstrators in central London on Sunday has gone viral on social media, Reuters reported on Monday. The incident was reported by a photographer who had been covering the protests against the murder of African-American man George Floyd.

The black protestor, identified as Patrick Hutchinson, a personal trainer, shouted “That’s not what we do!” as he carried off the white man, likely a counter-protestor, in a fireman’s carry on his shoulder. Some people in the crowd shouted out that the assault victim was a member of the far-right, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Hutchinson told Channel 4 News that when he arrived at the scene, the man was already lying on the floor. “It was pretty hectic, it was almost like a stampede, there was lots of people,” he said. “There were people trying to protect him but unsuccessfully. And then the guys went in there, they put a little cordon around him to stop him receiving any more physical harm.”