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Logan likes to think of himself as the resident loner of the X-Men, but despite his tough exterior, Wolverine has had multiples lovers and an entire littler of children that span throughout the various Marvel Universes. Not only does Logan have his mutant sons Daken and Erista in the main Marvel universe, he also has his clone X-23 and children in the alternate MC2, Ultimate, Mutant X, Earth-13729, Earth-295 and Earth-9811 universes.

The MC2 Universe, also known as Earth-982, produced many kids of superheroes in the alternate timeline. In the MC2 universe, Wolverine actually settles down for a while with non other than the deadly assassin Elektra. One of the key children from this timeline is Rina Logan, also known as Wild Thing, who is the daughter that Wolverine and Elektra have together. As well as Wolverine and Elektra’s child from their marriage, the MCU2 universe is where you can find Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s daughter Spider-Girl and Juggernauts son J2. The MC2 titles started off with comics about Spider-Girl and Juggernaut’s son J2, with Rina Logan eventually getting her own series of comics known as Wild Thing. Rina’s story-lines include being the superhero of her school, stopping demons and destroying sentinels.

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Rina is unmistakably Logan and Elektra’s child in the comics. Not only does she have Elektra’s long dark hair, but also her superhero outfit  is very similar to that of her Dad’s classic brown and yellow costume and she has also inherited her father’s hairstyle. Being the offspring of two of the deadliest characters in the Marvel universe was always going to mean that Rina Logan would grow up to be a badass, but the combination of the two heroes produces a dangerous weapon. Wild Thing is a skilled martial artist like her mother, but also has the famous regenerative powers of Logan. She does have claws, but there are big differences between Rina’s and Wolverine’s claws. Rather than being solid blades that protrude from beneath her skin, Wild Thing’s claws form the shape of Elektra’s favorite weapon (her sais) and are more like Psylocke’s physic knives than actual claws.

Rina is not the only child that Logan produces in the MC2 universe. Rina has a half brother called Hudson Logan, also known as Saberclaw, after Wolverine cheated on Elektra. It is not clear who Hudson’s mother is, but the powers and appearance of Saberclaw are very similar to that of Logan. Unlike Wild Thing Saberclaw is more of a villain, being a member of the group the Revengers, who are frequently seen battling the Avengers in the comics.

Wild thing and Saberclaw are not Logan’s only alternate universe children. In the Ultimate Universe run of comics, Jimmy Hudson was introduced as the son of Logan and Magda Lensherr, who is better known in the comics as the mother of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. In Earth-9811, Wolverine forms and unlikely coupling with Storm and has another daughter called Kendall Logan, who possesses both the weather manipulating powers of Storm and healing factor of Logan. Another love affair Wolverine had was in Earth-13729 with Mystique. The child was known as Raze Darkholme, and he used his shape-shifting and bone-claw powers for evil rather than good. There seems to be an endless list of children Wolverine has spawned in the Marvel universe. For someone that considers himself a lone wolf, Wolverine sure does get around.

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