CELEBRITY SHOW-OFF Will Show Celebrities Showcasing Talents to Get Views


Craig Plestis brought The Masked Singer to the United States and now he’s bringing another Korean show to the States. Celebrity Show-Off is based on My Little Television and will feature celebrities creating self-shot content as they compete for views. The series will be hosted by Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) and will go live on June 23 on TBS.

The show will start with 5 celebrities competing for most views on their YouTube video (posted to the TBS YT channel). Duration and engagement will also give points. Then, the following week, they’ll watch each other’s videos and one (or maybe more) will be eliminated and replaced by a new celebrity. The longer a celebrity stays in the game, the more money they’ll raise for a charity of their choice. The current cast of celebrities includes:

  • Diplo

  • Ja Rule

  • Action Bronson

  • Gabi Butler

  • Dwight Howard

  • Travis Kelce

  • Nene Leakes

  • Jason Mraz

  • Kevin Smith

  • Tori Spelling

  • Bella Thorne

  • Rumer

  • Scout

  • Tallulah Willis

Corie Henson of TBS, TNT, and TruTV said:

Wait until you see what this cast has pulled off. From sharing never-before-seen talents, to performing crazy stunts or even bringing on special guests, the celebs’ shows are creatively ambitious with DIY charm — since our cast are all working with the limitations of what they’ve got available at home.

Will you be watching Celebrity Show-Off?

Via: THR