The Witcher Season 2 Showrunner Teases Fun, Energized New Episodes About Family


The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher emphasized the lone-wolf aspect of the central character of monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill. In a chat with TheWrap about the upcoming season 2 of the series, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed that Geralt will be lonely no more. In fact, the next season will provide the gruff witcher with a surfeit of relatives, starting with the introduction of other witchers from his brotherhood:

“When I talk about ‘The Witcher,’ I always talk about how these three characters come together – Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer – they come together as a family. It’s the most important part of the series for me. And when you start to imagine someone’s family, you also need to understand their family of origin. Sometimes that’s a mother and father, sometimes that’s blood relatives. For Geralt, it’s his brothers, it’s the brotherhood of the witchers. So I’m really excited to get back in and meet Vesemir, his father figure, for the first time and all of these men that he was raised with since he was seven years old.”

Adding new characters to a popular show is always a tricky business, especially if they might threaten to steal the thunder of the main character with their monster-hunting skills. In this respect, Hissrich believes the current lockdown will prove to be a boon for the new cast members:

“One of the benefits of quarantine is the public has gotten to know these actors a little bit, because they are very present on social media and we’ve been doing bakeoffs and we’ve been doing dance offs. And I think everyone has really gotten to know these actors a little bit better, too. And it’s exciting, because I think that sort of energy will be coming into Season 2.”

Aside from clashing with his witcher brothers, Geralt will also have his hands full with Ciri, the refugee princess who develops a father-daughter bond with Geralt in the books and video games. Bringing this relationship alive on screen is one of the best parts of the entire series for Hissrich.

“What I think is really fun about Geralt and Ciri is they are the most unexpected family you can imagine. You have a witcher whose sole job is to kill things for money and you have a little girl who is trying to escape her past and it’s like, how do they come together? And to me, one of the most fun things we get to explore in Season 2 now is how they get to change and shift each other. Coming out of Season 1, you have a pretty good sense of who Ciri is, you have a pretty good sense of who Geralt is.”

And now we get to throw that all in a blender and see what happens when two people who are completely different have to be forced together in circumstances. And I think it’s really fun. It’s not always pretty. They will argue. They will fight. It will be two strangers coming together for the first time and being told, “Nope, you’re gonna be together forever.” I think that their growth together into being a father and daughter is one of my favorite parts of the series.”

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