How to Buy Discount Kings Island Tickets

Kings Island in Mason, Ohio is one of the best theme parks in the United States thanks to its 14 roller coasters and Soak City Water Park. Rest assured that you can buy discount Kings Island tickets through authorized ticket sellers online and in-person at certain regional retailers.

I’ve outlined all of the methods that I know of here that are popular places to check for savings. This way, you can secure the best discount without searching for promo codes and coupon codes that don’t work.

It’s worth pointing out that many of these options aren’t better than what Kings Island or reliable discount ticket sources offer online (more on this below). Ultimately, how much you save depends on how many tickets you buy and if you will need to account for tax and service fees.

I specialize in helping people save money on theme park tickets and may be compensated should you purchase tickets using my links.

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One Day Ticket — Good Any Day
Includes admission to Soak City and Halloween Haunt.
Save $30! Go straight to the gate.

Get Your Discount Tickets

Kings Island Tickets Prices at the Gate

Kings Island admission tickets are offered in two types: Daily Tickets and Season Passes. Both can be enhanced with various optional add-ons including Fast Lane.

General Admission

The price of Kings Island tickets at the gate for a one-day ticket has in the recent past been $48–$52, depending on the day, for ages 3 and older. Children ages 2 and under are free.

A Kings Island ticket includes admission to their water park, Soak City.

Season Pass

Kings Island offers three different Season Passes as well. Season Passes provide unlimited admission through the end of the calendar year of purchase (or, in the case of 2020, through 2021 as well).

If you plan to go more than once during a season, these may be the most beneficial option.

Fast Lane

You can upgrade your tickets or season pass before you go or at the park to include Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus, allowing you to bypass the regular lines on your favorite rides and attractions once or unlimited times, depending on which one you choose.

The bottom line: Front gate prices are higher than what can be secured online so whatever you do, make sure to purchase tickets in advance.

1. Direct Kings Island Special Offers and Tickets Online

Right now, Kings Island is offering a presale ticket in anticipation of opening at some point this summer, in addition to a handful of other special offers.

Be careful, however. Online, Kings Island charges a $6.99 processing fee and tax which in many circumstances makes the ticket options below more advantageous.

2. Discounted Tickets + Parking

If you need discount Kings Island tickets, you can save by purchasing through aRes Travel. I partner with them because they’re an authorized Kings Island ticket seller and I work with them to provide cheap tickets to other major attractions across the United States including Cedar Point, Disneyland, and Universal theme parks.

They charge a $2 convenience fee per ticket, but you will still likely come out ahead. Tax is included in the ticket price.

One-Day General Admission — Good Any Day Ticket

This ticket includes one (1) day admission to Kings Island. It also includes admission to Soak City Water Park and Halloween Haunt. Soak City will open when the park opens through September 7, 2020. Go straight to the gate and save $30! Price: $42/ages 3+

Two-Day General Admission — Good Any Day Ticket

This ticket includes two (2) day admission to Kings Island. It also includes admission to Soak City Water Park and Halloween Haunt. Soak City will open when the park opens through September 7, 2020. Go straight to the gate! Price: $72/ages 3+

Ride & Refresh — General Admission And Unlimited Drink Wristband

Get one (1) day admission to Kings Island and a drink wristband for unlimited fountain beverages during the full day of your visit during the 2020 season. Soak City Water Park is included and will open when the park opens through September 7, 2020. Go straight to the gate! Save over $32. Price: $53.50/ages 3+

Daily Parking

You can save on Kings Island parking, too! Get one (1) day parking valid for one car only during 2020 regularly scheduled operating hours. Save $3. Price: $17/car

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Shop All Discount Tickets

3. Kings Island Tickets and Hotel Packages

Bundle your Kings Island discount tickets with nearby hotels for even more savings. Choose from 25 nearby hotels and whether you’d like one-day, two-day, Ride & Refresh, and parking.

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Book Your Vacation Package

4. Season Passes

Frequent visitors should definitely consider the benefits associated with a Kings Island Season Pass. It entitles the holder to unlimited park admission through the end of the calendar year (or, in the case of 2020, through 2020). Season Passholders can arrive an hour before the park opens to the public to enjoy early ride times on select days.

Choose between regular, Gold, and Platinum passes. Gold and Platinum also include admission Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, and free parking. Platinum offers admission to other Cedar Fair parks like Cedar Fair itself. Check to see which works best for you.

The Delirium thrill ride at Kings Island theme park.

5. Meijer Kings Island Tickets

Select Meijer stores in Ohio sell discount Kings Island tickets in combination with Cedar Point tickets, typically. They aren’t available online but may return when the park reopens — we’ll update when it does.

6. Costco

You can search Costco’s theme park section online periodically or check in your local store to see if they are selling cheap Kings Island tickets. Availability changes and currently they do not have tickets available online. This is always subject to change, however.

7. Kings Island Kroger Tickets

You can check your local Kroger store for discounted tickets. However, not all stores offer them. Their tickets tend to be less than at the gate but on par with what we can offer through aRes Travel or Kings Island directly.

However, do check with the customer service counter at your local store because it might be extra convenient for you to pick up your tickets while shopping.

The beach at Kings Island theme park's Soak City water park in Ohio.

8. AAA Kings Island Tickets

You can contact your local AAA to see if you can secure discount Kings Island tickets. Availability depends on where you live. To give you an idea, we can’t secure these tickets in California currently.

9. Military Discounts

If you are active or retired military personnel or a veteran, you are eligible for cheaper single-day tickets than you would otherwise buy at the gate. Take advantage of these savings online.

10. Group Discounts

Gather your friends and head to Kings Island for less. If you need 15 – 99 tickets you can receive a discount. If you have 100 or more people, the savings are even greater. Details are available on the park’s website.

11. Combo Tickets with Kings Island

You can buy Kings Island and Cedar Point combo tickets (the “Coaster Combo Ticket”) through Kings Island directly.

Some of the grocery stores that typically offer cheap Kings Island tickets may also offer combo tickets that include these two popular Ohio theme parks. Kroger is known for selling these.

A family with young kids rides on a small train at Kings Island theme park.

Important Kings Island Tips

Check Kings Island Hours

When planning a visit to Kings Island and Soak City water park, be sure to check their calendar for opening dates and hours they’re seasonal park which means that they are not open year-round. A typical daily season runs from May – Labor Day Weekend.

It’s typically open on weekends only after Labor Day through October or early November for its annual HalloWeekends Halloween celebration. However, 2020 is certainly an unusual time which means that it’s extra pertinent to check the calendar.

Always Read Ticket Terms and Conditions

Read all terms and conditions before purchasing Kings Island tickets. Understand the ticket expiration dates, refund policies, and transfer policies and whether they can be used on days with special events.

Kings Island Directions and Parking

Kings Island is located in mason, Ohio, about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Kings Island Address
6300 Kings Island Drive, Kings Island, Ohio 45034

The park’s website has a map and more information on getting to the park. (Many theme park enthusiasts pair a visit with Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky.)

Kings Island parking currently costs $17 per car per day for ‘regular’ parking, and $27 for ‘preferred’ parking (when purchased online) and may be purchased online in advance.

How do you buy discount Kings Island tickets?

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