Do I see a CAPTAIN in Assam now?

Lubbock, TX , 14 August-2014, Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Awal: Should I say the CAPTAIN will be visible in the horizon, like late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Moinul Hoque Choudhury…. But then YOU and I must rally behind him, like a solid wall, without any “Lekin…Agar….Magar….” and other forms of vascillations, from within and from without.

Do I see a CAPTAIN in Assam now?

Almost, because I have yet to converse with him over several sessions, and “sound” him, like you do before buying a watermelon! That sounding will tell me whether he can lead us to our Destination.And our Destination is not a few petty things, like the crumbs the political powers of past and present used to throw at us, and our unfit “leaders” used to catch them midair, passing onto us a few things that hardly qualifies to uplift our conditions, nay even fetch us basic level of honor and recognition. I must cite some examples of those “Favors” doled out to us in the past, and which our “leaders” used to tell us as “big things” such as:

1) Muslim Personal Law. The Constitution gives us the Right to Practice our Faith, be it at personal level, congregational prayers, hajj, paying zakat, so we never needed someone to package them as a special package for us. And yes, we can still marry the normal way, a Muslim man and a Muslim woman, with the Rasm-Rewaz that we are familiar with, and then proceed to a Govt Marriage office for Registration. Don’t we go to Govt office to Register our lands and properties? Don’t we go to a Govt office for Registering the Birth and Death events? Then who needs a Qazi Office to Register a Muslim marriage?

See how cleverly the politicians took us for a ride, giving us NOTHING yet claiming that they have favored is with something! And our petty Ulema Group with a certain name, known always to be blind supporter of Congress (at times faking some dissidence in order to “show” that are “active” leaders so others waiting on sidelines do not replace them, and pocket a few more crumbs for themselves in the process!)
Both Congress and its pet Ulema Jamat, including those who come out of big Darool Uloom with “degrees” not negotiable for Govt or any other jobs that recognize only modern, secular education, are stockholders to this false portfolio.
Yes, they could continue the bogus enterprise in the name of religion because WE the People didn’t have the Caretaker of Society that history tells by the name “Educated Middle Class”. Without the EMC,ma community is always out of balance: the Rich keeps becoming richer, and the Poor poorer. The EMC rises from among the Poor, by education and enterprise, and thus bears in their bosoms a sense of responsibility to commit to the Upliftment of the Poor.

That’s exactly what YOU are doing now,by giving the Clarion Call. And that’s exactly what I am doing as well! At age, with the best of academic achievement from India to America, with prestigious and high returns profession, a beautiful family with a fleet of several cars for the members needs, I do not have to be concerned as a “Gedar Baap” and take upon myself the Mission of awakening my fellow brethren in Assam, who now have a credible EMC ( Educated Middle Class) for the first time in history since the dawn of past Century, when our forefathers began trudging along inhospitable terrains in search of land for cultivation.

2) The Hajj Subsidy: When Islam unequivocally stipulates that a man is NOT qualified for Hajj until he earns enough to undertake the journey, leaving ample provisions for the family back home, then where’s the need of Govt of India throwing a pittance as subsidy, and “claim” as a huge favor for Muslims? And still worse, for that pittance the Militant Hindutva Sangh Parivar drums up “Muslim Appeasement” and alienates the Silent Majority of Hindus from us?

If the Enslish adage, “Penny wise, Pound foolish” could ever be scaled up to a gargantuan scale, Indian Muslims accepting such subsidies would serve an example. Let everyone know that WE can perform Hajj without any difficulty, and certainly better if Hajj Management in India is privatized.

Just look how we in America perform Hajj. There are many private Hajj companies, duly registered as professional outfits, who arrange for everything, including Hajj Visa, round trip air travel, board & lodging, site seeing — everything.

And what is more, these private companies arrange for world class living arrangements, be it in hotels, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa, and transportation. Compare the Hajj services that our Indian Hajjis receive,min the hand of the Hajj Committee and the scores of old-style “Coolies” licensed by the Hajj Committee: absolutely abominable conditions,which is my direct experience as I have performed Hajj four times, and wanted to check on the relative conditions.

The good news is that even modern Hajj Companies are emerging in India, and I do hope that the uncalled for “Muslim Appeasement” machines will be dismantled soon.
(3) Job Reservation: this the WORST of all, and most harmful for Muslims because nothing alienates Muslims from their fellow Hindu citizens in India than this Mother of Jokes packaged as “Job reservations for Muslims.”
Kindly allow me to explain.
To qualify for a job,ma Muslim must possess the requisite educational qualifications. Now what is the percentage QUALIFIED educated Muslims in India? If you consider high-level jobs, you will NEVER find enough number of Muslims at present times to fill those reserved positions. And at low level,,such as fourth and fifth grade jobs, maybe there will be some Muslims available, but wait a minute: what are you bargaining for, those fourth and fifth grade jobs? You do not need a “Reserved” quota to fill those jobs! And even if you few such jobs are given, are you not getting some CRUMBS packaged as “Favor”, to suit the Vote Banking of the ruling party? And still worse, you’re giving a whip in the hands of Militant Hindutva Sangh Parivar to skin your backs in the name of “Muslim Appeasement”????

This is not Job Reservation as bogus as the other two “Packages” described above?
Then WHAT’s that thing,that can truly benefit the huge mass of Marginalised Muslims? The answer is very simple: An IMPETUS for EDUCATION, as high and as diverse as Education can be. PERIOD.

But then, from WHERE the IMPETUS will come? I have the answer, but let me explain WHAT that IMPETUS is….
The IMPETUS is the Sense of Identity, with the dignity and privileges to come out of the SLAVE MINDSET that we have experienced through two centuries of Slavery under British Raj. Most communities of India have received that IDENTITY when the Founding Fathers of Independent India curved dozens of States from seven large Provinces and scores of princely states that the British left behind. They realized that ONLY Mother Language based IDENTITY could emancipate us from the Slave Mindset. With Independence gained, the task of Ruling Ourselves came to our hands, but we cannot do justice to that stupendous task unless we raise our souls high, from serving Masters to serving Ourselves, in which we MUST worker harder, better, and for ALL of us Indians!
Why then Muslims fell behind, or should I say more aptly that the Muslims of India Missed the Bus! Why? Because most of their EMC left India for Pakistan!

Without that vibrant Educated Middle Class, Indian Muslims remained like a Ship without a CAPTAIN! QED.
Our friend, @Invincible Sahib has rightfully felt the absence of the CAPTAIN. MY hats off to him!
In the absence of that enlightened CAPTAIN, Indian Muslims fell to the wolves of vested interests.
Wolves from within, Wolves from without.
Wolves from India, Wolves from the Middle East. Koi Shaq, mere Bhai?
These wolves kept fueling the nostalgia of vainglorious days of the Mughal and Sultanate periods, defined with the coat of religion, and obscuring the Identity-in-waiting through the Mother Language based Identity and the Powerful Tool it provided through an Act of the Parliament, that proved for the rest of India the most pragmatic vehicle for development:
“The Reorganization of States Act 1956”.

It’s an irony that the Act was the brainchild of a three-men Commission (set up in 1953) headed by a Muslim, Urdu-speaking ICS officer, SIR SAYYID FAZAL ALI. He was the Governor of Orissa at that time (1952-56).
Irony, because his fellow Urdu-speaking people, constituted Linguistic Majority in large regions of Bihar, Central Province, etc. could curve out a State for themselves, like the Gujaratis, Marhattas, Tamils, etc. and march onto the highway of progress. More ironic now, because they can still do so!!!
Anyway, my attention, rather Mission is to redeem that Act of 1956 for my people in Assam, who command a decent Linguistic Majority in Lower and Central Assam. My people, by virtue of birth, are the entire Bangla-speaking population across all religions and dialects. Barak Valley can claim its own, too.
Now that a Telengana State has just come through the same Lions Gate of the Parliament on 4 June 2014, I believe our EMC (Educated Middle Class) will take due notice and embark on a historic course for the first time, to have a State of their own,the WEST ASAAM State. Let us prepare for the Census 2021, as one of several Campaigns we must undertake without any delay. Koi Shaq, mere Bhai?
Pakistan failed for the same reason.
First, Pakistan couldn’t even come up with a sensible Constitution for itself.
Second, the Founding Fathers of Pakistan did the OPPOSITE of what the Wise Founding Fathers of India did! Inn1948, MA Jinnah visited East Pakistan and delivered a fatal speech, proclaiming:
“Urdu and Urdu only shall be the National Language of Pakistan!”, a Maha Mantra to keep the People of East Pakistan under continued Slavery!
However, he forgot that East Pakistan had a vibrant Educated Middle Class (EMC), with Muslims and Hindus standing united. Not only that, East Pakistan’s EMC got even more enriched due to the emigration from West Bengal and Assam a huge number of EMC!!
So rest is history!
Now that we in Lower and Central Assam has contiguous Linguistic Majority in several Districts, Sub-Divisions and Revenue Circles of several other Districts, the new State of West Asaam is just a few years from now, God willing…..

Editor’s note: Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Awal is a professional NRI scientist belongs to Assam and presently resident of Texas,USA. All views and analysis are his own and those don’t carry the view of publication. Catch him at

One Response to Do I see a CAPTAIN in Assam now?

  1. Salam Dr Rafiqul Awal,

    I read your article with great interest as a Bangladeshi Sylheti living in UK, as we Sylhetis were part of Assam until 1947.

    WHERE the IMPETUS will come?
    I agree with your argument that ‘Quota’, ‘Reservation’, ‘Subsidy’ is harmful and increase inferiority complex.
    I also agree Muslim needs a Captain. But is only a captain is enough? captains come and go, like Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and now so many captain in India.
    Any community needs unity based on their identity and for Muslim community this is more applicable and an organisation or umbrella organisation which is another form of greater unity.

    In UK and USA Muslim has their strong umbrella organisations and they are bargaining with the government and leading the community.

    I also agree with you regarding mother tongue, is a big issue but many countries in the world who has no progress though they are self controlled. We Muslim community in UK or USA making tremendous progress without any credit of mother tongue.

    As you said Muslim’s everywhere not only in Assam or India needs ‘IMPETUS’ which is based on their Muslim identity and history, same time unity, strong organisation and leadership.

    Jajakallah Khair for your all positive arguments and efforts.

    Mohammed Shah