What is travel like now with guest Lesli and Dan Peterson

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The inspiring Lesli and Dan Peterson!

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Show Notes: About Lesli and Dan Peterson

Lesli and Dan Peterson are two personal friends of ours and the dynamic duo behind 365 Atlanta Traveler, a site dedicated to travel in the Southeast USA. Their new venture, Sunstone Digital Marketing, helps destinations and tour companies create effective email marketing campaigns.

We’re excited to have them on the show, to learn more about their background and travel story, but also to share with us what travel is like now during this Covid time. They recently headed to The Gulf Shores in Alabama for a beach break. You may be surprised by what they discovered and their sensible, responsible approach.

We discuss:

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  • Dan’s tech background and the motivation to leap away from corporate life and into full time business.
  • Why Lesli started the business 11 years ago – a simple save my sanity – and how and why it grew.
  • The cosmic piece to any goal you set out to achieve and the importance of trust in the greater plan and faith in yourself.
  • Dan and Lesli’s tip for leaping now and how to do it with a little more assurance.
  • Why you’ll always be your best strength and how it helps you thrive despite outside circumstances.
  • Tips for surviving working together as a couple.
  • The reality of traveling with kids as a travel blogger (+a few tips)
  • The thinking behind the decision to travel to Gulf Shores and why they feel it was important
  • Why did they choose Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • Smart guidelines to follow for travel during COVID and what to look for in a destination, hotel etc
  • What they experienced getting to the destination: rest stops and food etc
  • What the hotel experience was like, including eating at the restaurant, and policies in place to be Covid safe.
  • Activities available during this time – including beach experiences

how to travel during covid


  • Their Family Trip to the Gulf Shores
  • COVID travel updates in the Southeast USA
  • Vacation Girls – West Coast travel

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