Fans Call for Original Fantastic Four Cut, But Director Says There's No Need


Josh Trank says there’s “No need” for his cut of Fantastic Four. Marvel fans have started to speak up for Trank’s director’s cut of the 2015 movie, but he’s really not into revisiting the ill-fated project. Obviously, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is huge news. Even a whole week later, it’s still what most comic book movie fans are talking about. In doing so, there have been whispers of other directors getting a chance to revisit their old work.

DC fans have also been calling on the release of the David Ayer cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad. Ayer has even gone on to feed some of the rumors, noting that it would be easy to go back and craft the movie that he initially had planned, which would more than likely include more of Jared Leto’s Joker. However, director Josh Trank has no interest in returning to recut Fantastic Four. When a fan on social media said they were asking for his cut of the 2015 movie, the director simply said, “No need.”

Josh Trank didn’t even pretend to be interested in the slightest, which is understandable. Fantastic Four was not a critical or box office smash and, for one reason or another, may have been why the director didn’t go on to make the long-talked about Boba Fett movie for Disney and Lucasfilm. There’s not a whole lot of great memories there for Trank, but he has stated numerous times over the years that his original version of the movie isn’t what ended up the big screen, leaving Marvel fans to wonder what would have been done differently.

When looking back at Fantastic Four, Josh Trank believes he was too “arrogant” to have handled the project properly. He admits to have been jealous of directors like James Gunn who had massive success with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, though that has all dissipated. The reception of the movie certainly did not help things at all. It’s only now that Trank can go and watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and the Zack Snyder DC projects to see them as something separate. With that being said, he is massively excited to see Snyder’s cut of Justice League, noting that he still hasn’t seen the original.

For now, it seems like a lot of fans are going to be calling on studios to let directors go back and release their original visions. It seems like a bit of a slippery slope, and at this time, nothing else seems to have the passion behind it like the #ReleaseTheSnyederCut movement, which also helped spread positivity and bring awareness to important causes. It happened because the studio could no-longer ignore it. Is that going to happen with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad? We’ll have to wait and see, but it wouldn’t be wise to hold one’s breath. And don’t even think about another Fantastic Four cut with Josh Trank on board. You can check out Josh Trank’s Twitter reaction to a fan calling for his cut of Fantastic Four below.

No need.

— Josh Trank (@joshuatrank) May 20, 2020

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