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Celina Jaitley: I slipped into depression after 3 deaths in my family

Bollywood diva Celina Jaitley was one of the popular actress in the B-town. She was known for her glamours avatar and oozing hotness. Post her marriage, she bid adieu to the showbiz and settled abroad and is in blissful zone currently. While things are better for Celina, there was a time when she was at her lowest in personal life and suffered from depression.

Celina suffered a major setback with three deaths in her family and slipped into depression. Opening about the phase, she said, “Dealing with death is difficult for anyone. It became too much for me when there were three deaths in my family one after another – I lost my father, my mother and my son Shamsher. I slipped into depression after that.”

She revealed that her husband Peter (Haag) left lucrative job in Dubai and shifted to Austria for the sake of her betterment, And indeed the move was fruitful. She said, “Depression does not get treated like other diseases with just a course of antibiotics. But coming to terms on how to deal with it is a big help. I am feeling better now. My spirits have lifted, I am laughing again. I went through a phase when it was difficult for me to even laugh and joke. I was getting flashbacks of my parents’ last rites again and again. There was a time when it was difficult to deal with my emotions. Having said that, things are better now.”