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Run Raja Run actress reveals her fitness regime

Seerat Kapoor who shot to fame with Run Raja Run is not bogged down by the lockdown. She is keeping herself busy by engaging in workouts and other activities. Speaking about her fitness regime at home during lockdown, she said, “My fitness regime is an amalgamation of Pilates and a balanced nutritional plan. I also train with EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) which is a 20-minute workout session twice a week. It is believed that one 20-minute session of EMS is almost equivalent to 3 sessions of strength training”.

Seerat hailed her trainer Samir Purohit and nutritionist Anjali Peswani for their guidance in maintaining good physique. She said, “They stood by me through thick and thin, as my army”. “Prior to the lockdown, Samir sent me a guide with all the vital exercises, tailor made for my body type due to which I have been able to maintain the years of efforts, despite working out from home. I oscillate between his videos and digital workout classes with Namrata Purohit”.