10 Instagram Worthy Restaurants You Should Visit When You Travel in Bali


Bali is a foodie heaven! Nowhere else in Asia you can find such a selection of vegan, gluten-free and overall super pretty meals, just perfect for your Instagram! Here are our fav’s!


Photo taken at Acai Queen in Ubud.

Whenever we think of a place to hideaway from the concrete jungle that we’re so used to wake up to in the morning, Bali is always on our list. Who can blame us? It’s a little piece of paradise
down the humble country of Indonesia.


Bali can fit all your vacation needs. If you’re the type to party all night, Seminyak would welcome you with overflowing cocktails and big bottles of Bintang. But if you’re the opposite and would
just like some quiet time in your private villa while sipping piña coladas in the pool, you’ll definitely get what you want.


I think by now, you all know how Instagrammable Bali can be. Anywhere you go, there’s a spot for your ‘gram poses and feed goals. So before you doubt whether your body is game to do all
these poses, ready your best luggage filled with your OOTDs and head over to some of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Bali!



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Kynd Community


Vegans, get your hearts ready. Kynd Community is a trendy place gives such
a happy vibe with its pink and leafy green interiors. Each corner is Instagrammable, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing which corner to pick for your photos. They are famous for their
smoothie bowls with a spelled-out Bali on top made out of vegan goodness.


Make your way to Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak to experience this one of a kind cafe.



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The Bistrot


Stepping inside this Parisian Bistro will make you feel like you’ve left Bali already. It boasts an entirely different aura from the island vibes that Bali exudes. The Bistrot is a quaint cafe, mostly filled with wooden accents and vintage
decor. It’s very Instagram-worthy that even couples would choose this place to have their prenuptial pictorials.


The Bistrot is located at Jl. Kayu Aya No. 117 in Seminyak, Bali.



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Bali is a shopping paradise as it is a sweet vacation spot. And since our shopaholic hearts just can’t leave Bali without loading up our baggage with their famous rattan bags and dreamcatchers,
might as well just leave our companions a.k.a. Instagram husbands and boyfriends in this cute food spot near the shopping district. Sisterfields has bright interiors that are perfect for photos. Right after shopping, you can rest up in this industrial haven while
trying out their famous Dirty Burger and Pumpkin & Whipped Feta Salad.


Sisterfields is located at Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 7, Seminyak



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BALI (@neonpalmsbali)
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Neon Palms


Youthful neon vibes are what Neon Palms is all about. A vibrant pink door and signage will instantly catch your eye from afar. It’s also a good spot for a photo! Once inside, you’ll be amazed by
its pastel-colored murals. Their menu will surprise you even more with their pop offerings like Chorizo Scramble, Poke Toast, Neon Benedict and Halloumi Avocado on Toast.


Neon Palms will make your Instagram pop with colors so if this is right up
your alley, you can visit it at Jl. Kayu Aya No. 22 in Badung, Bali. It’s open from 8 am to 10 pm daily.



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Sea Circus  


Sea Circus is definitely one of my favorite spots in Bali. It’s an
underrated breakfast spot for tourists and travelers which is definitely a good way to start your day. Just strike a pose in front of its mural wall and it will instantly light up your Instagram
feed.   Even their service is spot on. Imagine having the valet guys sit on your rented scooters to keep them away from the scorching heat of the sun. Such a five-star service for a cute
little bistro on the highway.  You will want to come back to Sea Circus every waking day of your stay in Bali. That’s how good it is. Our recommendation? Snickers Protein Smoothie to get you
ready for the day’s activities.  


It’s located at 22 Jl. Kayu Aya in Seminyak.



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Acai Queen


Bali is really a heaven for vegans. Acai Queen in Ubud will
pamper you with their dreamy smoothie bowls, cold-pressed juices, creamy avocado toasts, and gourmet sandwiches. Not only is their place Instagrammable, but their food is also even more
photo-worthy. You can’t help but take shots every minute of your stay here. 


You can check out Acai Queen Ubud’s Instagram account to tease you more. Acai Queen has 2 branches in Ubud, located on Monkey Forest Rd and also on Jalan Gootama.



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Boho vibes and vintage delight is what will welcome you to Parachute. It has this laid-back feel that will instantly make you want to stay here for hours. There’s a dedicated play area for the kids and
the kids at heart which can also turn into a photo shoot area for your Instagram needs.   While the lighting is good during day time, you might want to consider visiting at night for a
spectacle of stars while sipping a hot cup of coffee and enjoying your delish dinner.  


Parachute is located at Jl. Subak Sari in Badung, Bali.



Bikini Restaurant


What made our heads turn during one of our walking adventures in Bali is this neon signage that says ‘’U look hot in a bikini”. Apparently, it belongs to Bikini Restaurant. 

While its interiors are amazing, wait till you see their bathroom mirrors! If you’re into movies and TV shows, you’ll enjoy seeing your favorite lines written in the mirrors. I bet you’ll even do
a video of you reciting some of the lines!


Bikini Restaurant is located at Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 6 in Seminyak, Bali.



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L A (@balibo.la)
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Bali Bola  


Bali Bola is another go-to place for vegetarians. You can enjoy your
favorite healthy meals while basking in its pastel-colored interiors.   If you want to source for some fresh inspiration on how to pose or what to take a snap of when you visit this place,
you might as well just take it straight from their Instagram account. It’s feed goals, I’m telling you!  


It’s located at Jl. Petitenget No. 8 in Seminyak, Bali.



Da Maria


If you’re craving for Italian dishes after days of eating Nasi Goreng, you can go to Da Maria. Its happy vibes are brought about by its floral decors that will instantly brighten up your mood. It’s like spending an afternoon at an
Italian piazza but sipping a good cup of Bali coffee. Perfect for your globetrotting Instagram feed!


You can visit Da Maria at Jl. Petitenget No.170 in Seminyak.  


Don’t wait for another airline ticket sale to book your trip to this paradise island! Trust me, Bali is definitely worth the hype.



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