YTB EP07: Was Our RV Trip Of The USA Worth It? (and how we’d do it differently!)


No matter what the pros and cons are of anything you do, or take a risk on, the defining question at the end is was it worth it?

Despite all the setbacks and challenges (which is normal and to be expected) did you benefit, grow or gain enough to make it worthwhile?

This is the topic we explore in our latest video and podcast. T

he other day we discussed the pros and cons to RV travel and the RV lifestyle. And the girls joined us in an episode to share their thoughts on the RV trip.

Now we put all of that together, comparing it with our 18 month Australian road trip, to say whether we feel we benefited, gained or grew enough from the experience to make it worthwhile.

In this video we share:

  • Why our decision was a little crazy from the beginning.
  • The negative impact on our health, relationships and finances.
  • What makes travel purposeful for us.
  • How we seriously can’t cope with cold weather!
  • How did this one compare with our Australian road trip?
  • How we’d do it differently next time – RV or something different?

Listen now on the podcast:

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Or, Watch the Video Version below:

You only know what you know and you can only make decisions based upon that.

We don’t have a crystal ball, so you do the best with what you have from where you are. Pivot when you can and make the changes that best warrant your situation.

That’s what we want you to take away from this.

We’re kind of like your crystal ball, but don’t follow us completely. We may not be the best fortune tellers for your life, for your values, for what you want to experience.

The RV lifestyle may actually be that dream you’ve been longing for. It might check off all your boxes. Prepare yourself so you can maximize the boxes as best you can.

Take what you liked from our video, leave what you don’t and use that to help you craft the best decision for you.

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