Rick And Morty: The 15 Best Episodes So Far (According To IMDb)


Rick And Morty is a funny, creative and intelligent show which would be a lot more enjoyable without the fringe toxic fandom that has attached itself to the cartoon series. The show follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in the universe, and his grandson Morty, a thoroughly ordinary teen who gets dragged unwillingly into whatever new lunacy Rick manages to embroil himself in for the duration of each episode.

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With only three seasons of the show released so far, and the fourth season gearing up for its grand debut, here is a look back at the 15 best episodes of the show so far, according to IMDb:

Updated May 12th, 2020 by George Chrysostomou: With the second half of the fourth season currently hitting screens we’re taking another look at the best episodes of Rick and Morty according to IMDB. 

15 Get Schwifty

Perhaps launching one of the most popular catchphrases from the show, this outrageously popular episode saw alien talent show judges try to eliminate the Earth.

Rick and Morty were the only people standing in their way, as they showed them what they got with a great rendition of the original song, ‘Get Schwifty.’ Meanwhile, Morty’s family is trying to find ways to appease these new gods.

14 Rick Potion #9

One of the most harrowing episodes of the show, this one sees Morty ask Rick to make him a love potion but things quickly spiral into chaos. The potion is so strong that everyone falls in love with Morty.

What’s worse, the cure ends up turning many people into monstrous creatures. With no cure Rick and Morty jump to a parallel Earth and live out their lives like normal once again, showcasing that the showrunners are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

13 Mortynight Run

With a guest appearance from Jemaine Clement and an adventure involving a gaseous character called Fart, there’s a lot to laugh about in this episode.

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The highlight is clearly the Jerry daycare that Morty drops his dad off at. With Jerrys from all of the multiverse, they come together to work out why exactly they are trapped there and how they can get out of it.

12 Something Ricked This Way Comes

A deal with a devil is never a good thing and this episode manages to really drive this point home. Morty’s local area is overtaken by Lucifer selling objects of all manner of evil.

While they give off great side effects to start, the aftermath of using them always ends in an unimaginable cruel consequence. That doesn’t stop people from wanting to use them though, so Rick sets up a rival store in some weird commentary about capitalism and consequences.

11 A Rickle In Time

This episode sees reality fractured. The only way for Summer, Rick, and Morty to put it back together is to be sure of their next actions. But uncertainties make the situation even more complex.

This episode is well regarded as it brings the core three characters together and brings out some real emotional conflict. Viewers get to see what Rick will do for his family, nearly sacrificing himself. This is an effective bottle episode structure.

10 Rixty Minutes

On a slow day, Rick decides to hook his daughter Beth’s family up with interdimensional cable. The episode starts off as an excuse for the writers of the show to come up with the most bizarre concepts for TV shows possible. But then the episode takes a turn for the personal when Beth and her husband Jerry discover alternate versions of themselves that are more successful and happy than them because in those realites they never married. This prompts a bout of soul-searching in Jerry, Beth and their daughter Summer.

9 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind

This episode is iconic within the fandom because of how many major parts of the show’s mythology were introduced in it. Rick is brought up before ‘The Council of Ricks’, an interdimensional cabal of Rick Sanchezes from across the multiverse who rule over their own space city. Rick is accused of killing Mortys from across various realities.

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He sets off to prove his innocence, finally confronting an evil version of himself. The episode ends with a twist ending that reveals the first major villain of the entire series.

8 Morty’s Mind Blowers

Morty comes to realize that Rick has made a habit of erasing his memories from past adventures that have the potential to overwhelm him. It’s a kind of supercut of the most extreme adventures that Morty has ever embarked on, and all those events go to show how going on adventures with Rick is not a Sunday picnic, but rather an incredibly dangerous undertaking that has almost scrambled Morty’s mind on more than one occasion.

7 Rest and Ricklaxation

Rick takes Morty to a galactic spa therapy session. It works a little too well, as the worst parts of the two are removed entirely from them and given sentience in an awful, toxic version of their world. Naturally, toxic Rick manages to find a way to cross over from his reality to ours and proceeds to wreak havoc on Earth, with the original Rick now too mild to properly make a stand against him. We get an exciting matchup of the two geniuses, and also discover what Rick considers his worst weakness.

6 Total Rickall


Almost the entire episode takes place inside Beth and Jerry’s house, and it still manages to be hilariously inventive. When alien parasites that plant false memories of themselves in the minds of their hosts infest the family, Rick puts the whole house on lockdown, declaring that no one will leave until they figure out who is an actual family member and who is a parasite. The highlight of the episode is a hardcore rap song inserted into the middle of a little girl’s princess friendship magic song.

5 The Wedding Squanchers

Rick’s best friend Bird Person is getting married to Summer’s classmate, and the whole family is invited to the alien wedding. Things get messy when the galactic federation crashes the event to capture Rick, forcing the entire family to go on the run. With federation forces closing in with every passing second, Beth, Jerry, and the kids must decide if they should turn Rick in to save their own skins.

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This is one of those rare episodes where we get to see Rick do something genuinely selfless and his sacrifice to save his family is the highlight of the episode. As the season finale, it also nicely sets up the next season with a pretty big plot thread left dangling in its final moments.

4 The Ricks Must Be Crazy

Instead of going big, this episode goes small. Really small. Rick discovers that the micro civilization he had created to produce energy which kept his car running had stopped producing said energy. He and Morty shrink down to examine the problem at close range, only to discover that the micro-universe they had created had, in turn, created a micro-universe, which in turn had created a micro-universe, all with a Rick-like genius scientist with similar ambitions.

Also, Summer is left being babysat by Rick’s car, and that little side-story perhaps remains to this day the best side story to ever feature on the show.

3 Pickle Rick

No other episode captures just how dementedly, ridiculously, cartoonishly intelligent and petty Rick is. To avoid going to a family therapy session, Rick turns himself into a literal pickle. After getting tossed accidentally onto the street and into the sewers, Rick is left with nothing but his genius intellect and his mobile mouth to find a way back home.

Along the way, he takes out an army of rants, performs lobotomy procedures on insects and fashions a superpowered exoskeleton for himself. And every one of those sequences is as grotesquely awesome as they sound.

2 The Rickshank Rickdemption

Picking up immediately after the end of season two, we find that Rick is in the clutches of the Galactic Federation, who are desperate to find a way to have Rick reveal his formula for his portal gun to them. When nothing else works, they arrange to have one of their agents journey through Rick’s mind, and viewers get a rare glimpse into Rick’s past and uncover some secrets that may have led him to become the way he is.

We also get a cool little cameo by the ‘Council of Ricks’ and an explosive action sequence which demonstrates why the show’s titular Rick is the most badass Rick in all of the Multiverse.

1 The Ricklantis Mixup

Instead of focussing on the titular Rick and Morty, we get to follow the lives of the ordinary citizens of the Citadel that all the Ricks from across the multiverse created to live on with their Mortys. It is a bizarre tale that is told through this episode, but one that actually shows a laserlike focus in sticking to the main themes of the episode: the importance of a Morty in Rick’s life. And then it culminates in one of the most shocking endings in all of the show’s history.

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