How to use Gboard's translate feature on your iPhone to translate texts as you type them


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  • You can use Gboard’s Translate feature on your iPhone simply by opening the Gboard keyboard and selecting “Translate.”
  • Gboard’s Translate feature includes dozens of different languages, and can even detect which language you’re typing in automatically.
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For years, Google Translate has made translating as easy as opening the website and typing in what you want translated. But now, using Google Translate to send messages in another language is even easier.

Gboard, the mobile keyboard app that has Google features built-in, offers its own Google Translate menu. This can automatically translate any sentence you type into the language of your choice.

This Gboard feature is easy to find and use on your iPhone. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to use Gboard’s Translate feature on iPhone

In order to use this feature, you’ll first need to get Gboard on your iPhone. To do this, download the Gboard app and enable it from your phone’s keyboard menu.

For information on how to enable a new iPhone keyboard, check out our short article, “How to change the keyboard on your iPhone, to add different languages or an alternate layout.”

After that, translating your texts is easy.

1. Open any app that you can type in and pull up the keyboard.

2. In the bottom-left corner of the keyboard, tap the little globe button to switch from the default keyboard to one of your new keyboards. If you have multiple keyboards enabled, you may have to tap this button a few times to get to Gboard.

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3. At the top of the keyboard, tap the icon that looks like a “G” in front of a Chinese character.

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4. Choose the language you want to translate your sentence to and from, then type what you want to say into the box. You can also select “Detect language” and trust that Google will know what language you’re typing in. When you’re finished, tap “Translate” in the bottom right corner to paste the translated text into the actual messaging box.

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5. Make any changes or edits that you want to your message, then send it as you normally would.

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