Meet the 33 people with the most power at YouTube, the world's biggest online video company


Susan Wojcicki

  • Google’s YouTube is the world’s biggest online video company, and it’s making a bigger push into TV and streaming.
  • Business Insider identified the people at the company who are leading its businesses.
  • These 33 insiders, from policy, engineering, content, and advertising wield the most power at YouTube and are working to rival TV networks and streaming giants including Netflix and Amazon.
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Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, and it’s turned into the world’s biggest and most powerful online video company and an advertising juggernaut.

With original programming and user-generated content that reaches more than two billion people each month, YouTube rivals streaming giants including Netflix and Amazon.

It pulled in $15 billion in advertising revenue in 2019, more than TV networks ABC, NBC, and Fox combined. Another $3 billion came from non-ad revenue in products like YouTube Music and YouTube TV, though YouTube pays a portion of that money back to networks and publishers in distribution rights. And YouTube is making a bigger push into TV and streaming as more people shift from watching linear TV.

Business Insider identified the 33 executives there with the most power, from policy, engineering, content, and advertising, these insiders are leading all of YouTube’s businesses.

The platform has turned content creators, from MrBeast to Emma Chamberlain, into stars with multi-platform businesses and major brand partnerships. With the help of partner managers, top YouTube creators are establishing new business models for Hollywood.

YouTube has also drawn regulators’ antitrust and privacy questions. In September, YouTube got hit with a $170 million fee for reportedly violating the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. The company has struggled to keep out extremist content and ads that break its rules against misinformation.

Business Insider identified the top people behind YouTube’s growing ad business. They include Kevin Allocca, who leads the global culture and trends team focused on analyzing and tracking trending content at YouTube. It also includes leaders like Neal Mohan, who reports directly to CEO Susan Wojcicki and oversees all of the products on the viewer and creator side.

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The 33 insiders who wield the most power at Google’s YouTube

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