Saffron Brigade’s loose canons those are Modi supporters can’t keep their mouth shut

New Delhi, 25 July-2014(Indilens Web Team): The BJP led by Narendra Modi has desperately tried to turn a new leaf in the last few months. Top party leaders have consciously shied away from speaking anything inflammatory so that the opposition cannot brand them as divisive or communal. But there are some people in the BJP and the larger umbrella of the Sangh Parivar who have simply refused to fall in line.

Saffron Brigade’s loose canons those are Modi supporters can’t keep their mouth shut

Saffron Brigade's loose canons those are Modi supporters can't keep their mouth shut

With their insensitive comments they have not only embarrassed themselves but also their party and Narendra Modi at large. On Thursday, a BJP leader from Telangana created controversy by saying that Sania Mirza shouldn’t be the ambassador of the state as she is married to a Pakistani. The Central BJP disowned his statement but the damage was already done. These loose canons with their insensitive comments have managed to put a cloud of doubt over the question of inclusiveness of the current government.

Subramanian Swamy

The first person in the list of loose cannons has to be Subramanian Swamy. He is now a part of BJP but virtually operates like a one man army, dropping bombshells through his explosive tweets. Many believe the day is not far when the inevitable divorce between Swamy and BJP will take place. But till then, he will continue to put the BJP on the backfoot. Below are a sample of a few of his tweets.

Subramanian Swamy ✔ @Swamy39

We made such a fuss when TDK did take Indian citizenship till 1983 how can we have a different standard for Sania who had an arranged shadi

And why her family insisted on this arranged marriage? They must reveal

BJP in Delhi must take on board Congress MLAs to form the govt. Morality? Learn from Rama and Bali – Sugrive episode. Later swallow Cong MPs

Like Al Capone, her jaath wala, TDK may go to jail for IT violations and not for murder.

Giriraj Singh

Giriraj Singh has to be a close second on this list. His declaration that those who will not vote for BJP can go to Pakistan created an uproar during the elections. All it ensured was heaps of negative publicity for the BJP in the midst of the elections. Finally Narendra Modi had to intervene, but only to indirectly condemn Giriraj Singh on Twitter.

Dhavalikar brothers

Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar is known to be a progressive leader. But unfortunately the same can’t be said about some of his colleagues. Minister Deepak Dhavilkar has just created major controversy by saying that if everybody suppots Modi then India can soon become a Hindu country. His brother Sudin Dhavilkar earlier courted outrage by saying that bikinis should be banned on the beaches of Goa.

Babulal Gaur

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Babulal Gaur. The ex Madhya Pradesh Minister Gaur supported the Akhilesh government in the Badaun case by saying that “rape is sometimes right, sometimes wrong”.

Praveen Togadia

Not only people belonging to the BJP but those in the larger umbrella of the Sangh Parivar also suffer from the foot in the mouth disease. Another person in the list of loose canons is VHP leader Praveen Togadia. Although he doesn’t have a good relationship with Narendra Modi, yet Togadia remains an influential leader in VHP. He recently warned Muslims that they may have forgotten the Gujarat riots but surely they remember what happened in Muzaffarnagar. Togadia said that “If you set Hanuman’s tail on fire, Lanka will burn”. Another VHP leader Ashok Singhal has also done his bit by issuing regressive statements.

It’s high time the top NDA leaders crack the whip to rein in all these loose canons before they chip away at all the “achhe din” that the government is hoping to bring about.