20 must-see Hulu original TV shows to add to your streaming queue


Best Hulu originals 4x3

  • Hulu is making waves with its original content like its wildly successful “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
  • Other standouts include “Little Fires Everywhere” starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, and “High Fidelity” starring Zoe Kravitz.
  • All of Hulu’s original programming plus its entire streaming catalog are included at every subscription level.
  • Hulu Basic (with ads) is $5.99 a month, while Hulu Premium (ad-free) is $11.99 a month.


While Netflix was the pioneer of original content and still leads the pack in quantity, Hulu has made a successful effort in the last few years to join the ranks of quality original content providers. Its bread and butter — the must-see, multiple-Emmy-winning series “The Handmaid’s Tale” — makes it worth the price of a subscription alone.

But that’s not the only series that’s gained Hulu its must-subscribe status. Other standouts include “Little Fires Everywhere” starring Reese Witherspoon, “Shrill” starring SNL-alum Aidy Bryant, and the true-crime-chronicling series “The Act.” In my experience, Hulu has a much higher success rate than Netflix when it comes to their productions, meaning there’s a higher likelihood that the Hulu original series you take a chance on will actually be binge-worthy. But still, there’s a lot of content to weed through, so we’ve gathered the best of Hulu’s original content below.

If you’re not a Hulu subscriber yet, it couldn’t be easier to start streaming. Most smart TVs already come equipped with the Hulu app, and it’s as simple as registering here and signing in. If you’re looking to upgrade to a smart TV, check out our guide to the best 4K Smart TVs on the market. If you’re not sure what level of Hulu service is right for you, here’s an extensive breakdown of all they have to offer and what it’ll cost. Once you’re all set up, we suggest you start with one of the shows below to really get a taste of how Hulu is innovating.

Updated 04/10/2020 by Steven Cohen: Added “Little Fires Everywhere,” “High Fidelity,” “Future Man,” and “Ramy”.

“The Handmaid’s Tale”

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Hulu Originals’ bread and butter, this series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name is set in a dystopian future in which women have been forced into sexual servitude. Elisabeth Moss has won two Emmy Awards for her outstanding and emotional performance as June. Three seasons are currently on Hulu, and it’s been renewed for a fourth.

“Little Fires Everywhere”

“Little Fires Everywhere” is a new miniseries currently streaming on Hulu. The show tells the story of the idyllic Richardson family in Shaker Heights, Ohio. When an artist and her daughter arrive in town, the Richardsons’ lives are suddenly capsized. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington star in the eight-episode series. The finale is set to air on April 22.

“High Fidelity”

Based on Nick Hornby’s novel, “High Fidelity” focuses on the romantic trials and tribulations of Rob Brooks (Zoe Kravitz), a record store owner with a penchant for Top Five lists. The book was previously adapted into a movie starring John Cusack as Rob, and this new version switches things up with a female protagonist. The 10-episode first season is now available to stream.

Future Man

Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, “Future Man” is an outrageous sci-fi comedy full of clever observations and gross-out gags. When a janitor named Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) is recruited by two time travelers to save the world, the very fate of humanity is put in peril — with hilarious results. All three seasons of “Future Man” are now available to stream on Hulu.

“Ramy” is a comedy drama centered on an American Muslim navigating the cultural divide between his Egyptian immigrant community and his millennial peers. The show’s star and co-creator, Ramy Youssef, won the 2020 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series. The first season of “Ramy” is now available to stream on Hulu, and a second season is set to debut on May 29, 2020.


Comedians Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle star as their 13-year-old selves in a show that captures all of the awkwardness of middle school in the year 2000. The rest of their classmates are portrayed by actual teenagers adding a hilarious twist to this clever comedy. Season one is currently available to stream, and Season two is on the way.


“The Act”

In 2015, the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard captured the nation’s attention after it was revealed to be orchestrated by her daughter in an attempt to escape Dee Dee’s abusive Munchhausen syndrome by proxy. “The Act” chronicles all the twists and turns of this captivatingly complex true crime story.

“Wu-Tang: An American Saga”

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Based on the true story of the rise of the Wu-Tang Clan, this miniseries follows Bobby Diggs aka The RZA as he tries to lead his group of friends away from the drug- and crime-riddled streets on New York. The music they create together chronicling their daily struggles and triumphs eventually leads them to meteoric success. The entire first season is currently available to stream, and a second season is on the way.


Aidy Bryant stars as Annie, an overweight woman who, despite societal pressures, has no interest in changing her body. But she’s out to make improvements in other areas, namely her career, love life, and family life, but of course having it all is never easy. Seasons one and two of the comedy from executive producers Lorne Michaels and Elizabeth Banks are streaming now, and the show has been picked up for a third season.


In 18th-century London, Margaret Wells butts heads with a rival brothel owner as they vie for control of the city’s underground. Plus, she’s got daughters to raise amidst her dangerous business dealings. This British drama’s three seasons are currently streaming on Hulu.

“Marvel’s Runaways”

These six teenagers couldn’t be more different, except one important commonality — their parents are all evil. Now they must find a way to work together to take down their parents’ criminal enterprise. Based on a Marvel Comics series of the same name, all three seasons of “Runaways” are available to stream. Though originally developed as a Hulu original, “Runaways” is also now available to stream on Disney Plus.

“Difficult People”

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Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner star as best friends navigating life in New York City. They’re both struggling comedians, but their careers aren’t the only thing they’re struggling with. They’re, well, difficult people, and they can’t stand anyone but each other. Al three seasons of “Difficult People” are currently streaming.


Valerie has just gotten a divorce, and now she and her teenage daughter must move in with her bachelor brother, Alex. With Valerie ready to get back on the horse, Alex must help her navigate the craziness of the dating scene — using the dating app he’s invented. All four seasons of “Casual” are currently streaming.

“The Bisexual”

Leila has identified as a lesbian her entire adult life, but when her 10-year relationship with Sadie ends, she finds herself attracted to men for the first time. Her new roommate helps her navigate dating both men and women and deal with the upheaval of her entire life and identity. The first season of “The Bisexual” can be streamed now.


James Franco stars as Jake, a high school English teacher faced with the opportunity to travel back in time to change the past. His task: prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and discover the answers to one of the most persistent conspiracy theories in American history. The entire eight-part miniseries executive-produced by J.J. Abrams is streaming now.


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Hugh Laurie stars as Dr. Eldon Chance, a forensic psychiatrist drawn into the orbit of an alluring patient struggling with multiple personality disorder. After he vows to help her escape her abusive husband, Chance learns that her husband is a high-ranking police detective, and now he’s in his crosshairs. Both seasons of this thriller based on the novel by Kem Nunn are available to stream.


Produced by George Clooney and based on the novel by Joseph Heller, this six-part miniseries follows an army pilot during World War II who’s furious that the army keeps increasing the number of missions he must fly before he’s discharged. Ever-trying to find a way out, he shirks his duties by injuring himself, feigning illness, and forging the results of his missions. Fun fact: The novel this is based on is where the phrase “catch-22” originated.

“Castle Rock”

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, you’re familiar with the town of Castle Rock, Maine. A geographical anchor in many of King’s works, it’s the setting of “Cujo” and “The Dark Half” and is referenced in “IT,” “The Mist,” and many more. This series gives the town a life of its own, exploring the darkness that continues to plague it, making nods to many of King’s novels and short stories along the way. The first two seasons of “Castle Rock” are streaming now.

“The Path”

Aaron Paul stars as Eddie, a member of a new-age religion. He’s steadily rising to the top of the ranks and is slated to become a prominent leader, but during a retreat, he has a vision about the religion’s founder that leads him to question everything. Is this religion that’s given him a new beginning actually a cult? All three seasons of “The Path” are streaming now.

“The Wrong Mans”

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Sam and Phil, two hapless city employees, are caught in a criminal mastermind’s web when Sam answers a cell phone he finds at the site of a fatal car accident and receives a threat that was never meant for him. Created by and starring James Cordon and Mathew Baynton, both seasons of this British comedy-drama co-produced by BBC TV are available to stream.