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'What happens when you block someone on Gmail?': Here's what you need to know


  • When you block someone on Gmail, emails from that specific person are automatically sorted into your spam folder.
  • You can easily block a sender on Gmail by going into the “More” section within an email.
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When you block someone’s emails on Gmail, you’ll no longer see their emails in your inbox. Instead, their emails will automatically be routed to your spam folder. 

If there’s someone you don’t wish to receive emails from, you can easily block the specific sender on Gmail on either desktop or mobile. 

Here’s how to do it. 

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How to block someone on Gmail on a computer

1. Go to gmail.com and log into your account, if needed.

2. Open a message from the sender you wish to block.

3. Click the three stacked dots in the top right corner. 

What_happens_when_you_block_someone_on_Gmail_ _1

4. Select “Block [sender].”

What_happens_when_you_block_someone_on_Gmail_ _2

5. Click “Block” in the pop-up to confirm your decision.

What happens when you block someone on Gmail 3

A greyed-out confirmation, as well as the option to undo your action, will then appear above the email. You can also go back using the same basic steps to unblock users. 

How to block someone on Gmail on a mobile device

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the process to block someone is the same. 

1. Open the Gmail app and log in, if needed.

2. Go into a message from the offending account.

3. Tap the second-highest set of three dots, located on the right side of the screen.

What_happens_when_you_block_someone_on_Gmail_ _4

4. Select “Block [sender].”

You’ll then see a confirmation appear above the email stating that you’ve blocked the user, with the option to undo the action.


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