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How to rename your Apple TV device in a few simple steps

Apple TV

  • To rename your Apple TV, head to your general settings on your device.
  • While it can be easy to tell which Apple TV you’re AirPlaying to if you only have one, it can be helpful to rename them if you have multiples.
  • It can also be helpful when setting up family sharing with multiple Apple TVs.
  • There is a different procedure for renaming earlier versions of Apple TV compared to Apple TV 4 and later models.
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While Apple TV defaults to the name “Apple TV” in your home network, it is quick and easy to rename your device. 

This can be helpful if, for example, you have multiple Apple TVs in your house and want to AirPlay something to a particular one, or if you want to set up Home Sharing and differentiate your devices. 

You can also rename your Apple TV to personalize it.

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How to rename your Apple TV (versions 2 and 3)

1. Open Settings.

2. Open “General.”

How to rename Apple TV

3. Scroll down to and select “Name.” This will allow you to rename any Apple TV you select from the list of devices sharing your account.

How to rename your Apple TV (version 4)

1. Open Settings and select “General.”

2. Click on “About.”

How to rename Apple TV

3. Click on “Name.”

4. This will take you to the renaming screen. Delete the current name and type in a new one. When finished, click on “Done” at the bottom.

How to rename Apple TV

If you have multiple Apple TVs and want to assign them to different rooms, you can do this under AirPlay and HomeKit in the General menu. 


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