What Are The Benefits of Barcode Verification?

In several businesses, barcodes help in improving the efficiency and accuracy by discarding manual data entry and simplifying the task of inventory management. However, if the barcode label is not printed properly, it cannot be scanned, and the benefits that barcode offers cannot be enjoyed.

There are many large scale retail companies who levy fines against firms who send goods with a distorted or unreadable barcode. Additionally, errors in printing these codes can lead to problems such as costly returns, reshipments, shipping mistakes and lost items. So, it is important to ensure that codes are printed in readable form and are clear. And for the same verification process is used. Many companies invest in barcode scanners to check the printed labels.

Barcode Inspection and Verification - GBV Quality

However, some people believe that barcode verification is not required. But in reality, in applications where barcodes are to be scanned by several facilities, using different scanning equipment, and where accuracy and readability are critical, verification is a must. Also, verification ensures that barcodes meet the existing standards and any scanner that adheres to the widely accepted standards can read it.

By using barcode verifiers, there are several benefits that companies can experience. Let us see what those advantages are.

  1. Barcode verification eliminates downtime and saves on production costs – In manufacturing industries downtime is crucial. If the barcode is not printed properly, then your precious time will be lost. You may have to face the loss of thousands of dollars. In case you get to know about the barcode not meeting the standards at a later stage, then your considerable amount of time and money will be wasted as the entire barcode label will be rejected and you had to reprint it. But, barcode verifiers ensure that such a situation does not arise. Plus, verifiers immediately flag the code that does not meet the set standards.


  1. Barcode verification eliminates costly fines and refused shipments – When barcodes are unreadable, retailers have to pay hefty fines for non-compliant barcodes. Shipments are also refused when codes are not in a proper readable form. On the other hand, barcode verifiers eliminate costly penalties. With verifiers, you can ensure that no item with bad barcodes leaves your facility. Thus, your thousands and millions of dollars will be saved.


  1. Barcode verification guarantee compliance with industry requirements – If you use barcode verifiers, then you can rest knowing that you are in full compliance with your industry standards. Additionally, with readable barcodes, you can keep the fines and other penalties at bay.


  1. Barcode verification improves label quality – Verifiers not only tell the readability of the barcode but also help companies in diagnosing and fixing the print errors. Moreover, verification software includes reporting tools that help manufacturing industries in addressing the issues and improving them.

Further, just because the code can be scanned does not mean that other business partners will be able to do the same. It is barcode verification that ensures that labels are in readable form and the business runs smoothly.