5 Crucial Health and Safety Tips for Construction Sites

Millions of people work at construction sites every day. But do you know this industry is the most dangerous to work in the entire country? There are huge cases of injuries reported every month, and thousands of deaths annually.

The most common mishap that happens is a fall, and others range from a simple motion injury to electric shock. Understand them in detail to be able to avoid them –

  • Repetitive weight lifting. Indulging in activities like moving of heavy items or hammering of nails can cause overworking of muscles. So, it is important to take breaks to prevent strain on any body part. Also, it is always advised to lift weight with legs and not back.
  • Improper use of tools. This is a common yet easily avoidable cause of accidents. Hence, understand the proper functioning of the equipment and be as alert as possible when on the job.
  • Scaffold collapse. This has been another cause of fatalities at construction sites. There are hundreds of accidents as a result of improperly built scaffolds. But, you can prevent it by investing in a sound structure and not using unstable objects for its support.
  • Electrocution. Workers often become victim to open sources of electricity. That is why all the wires must be sorted before starting off work and you should always wear the right gear for complete protection.

Construction Site Safety Rules

The following mentioned safety rules apply to most construction sites and site activities:

  1. Use Personal Protective Equipment

Before you enter the site, make sure you have all the equipment you need to keep yourself safe. Get yourself those essential items such as safety boots, helmets, vests, etc. Remember, it is your only line of defence against potential hazards on your site, so make sure you wear it.

  1. Arrange an Induction Program

Always bear in mind that no two construction sites are same, neither are the hazards involved. So, you should make sure that the workers know the site before starting their work. A short induction regarding a new site is a great way to do that.

  1. Keep the Site Clutter-Free

Constructions and demolitions don’t come without a mess. And amidst that, slips and trips are common sights to see. Hence, to reduce such hazards try to clean up the area throughout the project. Be extra cautious about the entrance and escape routes.

  1. Manage the Road Traffic

The sites with ongoing constructions can, at times, create a huge nuisance to daily road travelers. In such a situation, you can hire professional traffic planning services to maintain the flow of traffic around the job-site. From routine maintenance to emergencies, these folks will handle all kinds of traffic situations.

  1. Follow Safety Signs and Procedures

Information on construction safety signs and procedures is the number one thing that workers learn in induction programs as the employers carry out proper risk assessments and derive control measures to ensure everyone’s safety.