How to change your status on Google Hangouts, and let your contacts know what you're up to

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  • You can change your status on Google Hangouts using both the desktop website and the mobile app.
  • On the desktop site, you’ll need to head to your settings page to change your Hangouts status.
  • In the Google Hangouts mobile app, you just need to go to the “Status” menu.
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If you use Google Hangouts, you may have noticed that you can set a status, much like you can on Facebook.

However, these statuses are more like the away messages you could set on the old AIM app from AOL, back in the 2000s.

Setting a status or an away message can still be useful today, just as it was then: Not only is it a fun social tool, it’s also a good way to let others know what you’re up to. If you use Google Hangouts for work, changing your status to let people know you’re out to lunch or on vacation can make communicating a lot simpler.

Changing your status on the Google Hangouts app is simple, and can be done in seconds using the desktop app on your Mac and PC, or the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Here’s how.

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How to change your status on Google Hangouts on desktop

1. Go to in any internet browser on your Mac or PC and log into your Google Account. Once you’ve logged in, click the three stacked lines in the top-left corner.

2. This will open a menu on the left. In this menu, click “Settings.”

How to change status on Google Hangouts   5

3. On the main page, your “Recent Chats” window will change to show a host of new settings. At the top, next to your profile picture, will be a small box that says, “Share your status” (or, if you’ve entered a status in the past, it’ll have your current status). Click it.

4. You can now type in the status that you want, as well as pick an emoji to go along with it by clicking the smiley face on the left. Do so, then click the X next to the status box to return to your home screen.

How to change status on Google Hangouts   6

Your status is now saved, and will display to all your contacts.

How to change your status on Google Hangouts on mobile

1. Open the Google Hangouts app on your iPhone or Android device.

2. On the main screen, tap the menu button in the top-left corner, which looks like three stacked lines.

3. From the menu, select “Status.”

How to change status on Google Hangouts   2

4. On the page that opens, type your status into the status bar at the top. Once you’re done entering it, you can close the page, and your status will save.

How to change status on Google Hangouts   3

Your new status will now be visible to all your contacts.


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