This $1,000 kitchen in a box can turn an SUV into an RV-like cooking station


Nomad Kitchen3

  • Nomad Kitchen Co has unveiled its first pull-out kitchen unit that can turn a car trunk into a tiny kitchen on wheels.
  • The unit includes a food preparation area, sink, and room for a two-burner stovetop.
  • It can be attached to the trunk of a hatchback or SUV, as well as the bed of a pickup truck using extra hardware.
  • Its maker claims the kitchen unit is good for camping, events, tailgates, and emergency use.
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Nomad Kitchen Co has unveiled its first pull-out kitchen unit that can be placed in the trunk of an SUV or hatchback to turn a car into a mini kitchen on wheels, optimal for both camping and emergency use.

The Berkeley, California-based company was founded on the idea that camping food doesn’t have to be boring and bland, full of hot dogs and dry cereal. With Nomad Kitchen’s two-burner stovetop unit that has a food preparation space and sink, campers are able to prepare more complex meals without having to sit and cook over a fire pit. 

The kitchen unit hides inside a 2.13-foot long box that can be hooked onto the trunk of a car, making the pull-out Nomad Kitchen accessible and easy to use, according to its maker.

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The cooking unit is stored in a box and can be slid out into a portable kitchen.

Nomad Kitchen’s CEO Sam Gross calls the unit a “perfect solution” for those who want a camping kitchen system.

It also claims the Nomad Kitchen is a good fit for tailgates, events, and “emergency preparedness.”

The unit is 25.5 inches deep, 14 inches tall, 20.5 inches wide…

…and weighs 70 pounds, not including any extra accessories or the stovetop.

The kitchen system can hold over double its weight at up to 200 pounds.

Nomad Kitchen claims its patent-pending strap system makes installation quick and easy: only one or two people, and no tools, are needed for its assembly and mounting, according to its maker.

The Nomad Kitchen has hooks that can be attached to the tie-down anchors in a vehicle’s trunk.

There are two sections of the kitchen that can slide out.

The fully extended kitchen is four-feet-long.

There’s food preparation, cooking, and cleaning space…

…as well as a stainless steel sink.

The first half of the kitchen holds the sink and drying rack.

The drying rack doubles as a cookware storage space.

There’s also a bamboo cutting board that fits over the drying rack.

Its second half has space for a two-burner stove.

The space can fit different brands of two-burner stovetops, including certain Camp Chef, Coleman, Eureka, GSI, and Primus units

The unit has enough space to hold a 14-gallon water tank.

Optional add-ons include water tanks and the stovetop that can fit in the stovetop area.

There are hooks around the extended kitchen to hang different cooking accessories, such as a spice rack and trash bags.

This includes a strap that allows users to attach a fuel canister for the stovetops.

The Nomad Kitchen comes in wood or black.

The units are being built in California.

The kitchen can fit in the majority of hatchbacks and SUVs, including the Subaru Forester, Toyota 4Runner, Honda CRV, Audi Q5, and Volvo V60.

It also claims the kitchen can fit in a Tesla Model X and Porsche Cayenne.

It can be mounted in a pickup truck, but extra hardware may be needed to do so.

The Nomad Kitchen starts at $1,099 and will go on sale this month on IndieGoGo.